10 Common Dreams And Their Meaning

Falling Sensation dreams

Often linked to our emotions and the predominant feelings of our psyche, dreams are the link between the unconscious and the conscious, which makes their interpretation complex and personal. How can we analyze the 10 dreams we have the most and make the link with the events we encounter in our daily lives?

Even if our conscious mind does not always remember it, we have between 3 and 5 dreams every night. Often linked to our emotions and the predominant feelings of our psyche, dreams are the link between the unconscious and the conscious, which makes their interpretation complex and personal, being specific to each individual. However, anxiety, shame, lack of self-confidence or regret being collective feelings, it has been shown that the average person had the same recurring dreams, such as falling, being chased or even flying.

According to psychoanalyst Pascal Neveu, a behavioral specialist, these dreams are “messages addressed to our conscious mind that we must interpret”. “Sometimes recurring dreams also reflect past “traumatic” events, carrying effects from which we are not free”. As Pascal Neveu explains, “there is a manifest content of the dream (the story of the dream) and an underlying content, called latent (the real meaning of the dream) that escapes the dreamer and can be interpreted”.

In addition, the dream would be a disguise of our thoughts, emotions or even feelings, which we can interpret based on our very existence. For this reason, there is no need for a dictionary, all you have to do is probe your soul and face your anxieties, desires or fears. “Only the dreamer knows the deep meaning of his dream.

Any dictionary specifying a firm and definitive interpretation forgets the symbolic significance of representation from our cultural, educational, religious universe… For example, a snake can represent the doctor’s caduceus, the diabolical temptation in the Garden of Eden, the ouroboros, the phallus… Only the dreamer holds the interpretative key and must feel the significant value,” recalls Dr. Neveu. 

Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung have analyzed more than 20,000 dreams over the course of his career. According to her, “dreams are a source of inspiration for the unconscious. What they say can help make us happier, more balanced, more structured.” But how can we understand our dreams? If we alone can interpret them, how do we do it?

10Falling Sensation

Falling Sensation dreams

One of the most recurrent dreams is the one where we fall. Few people around you will say that they have never had the unpleasant feeling of feeling their whole body fall suddenly. According to psychologist Ian Wallas, who has studied and analyzed more than 100,000 dreams in 30 years, the impression of falling proves that the dreamer is firmly attached to a particular situation in his waking life and that he refuses to abandon it. Something heavy, probably. According to him, letting go and letting go is the only (and very simple) solution.

9Being Stuck, Locked Up, Unable To Move

Being stuck, locked up, unable to move

No, you are not the only one who dreams that you are trapped, blocked or stuck without being able to act, without being able to free yourself. According to Pascal Neveu, “dreams of confinement, parking or immobility appear in dreamers who feel blocked in their evolution of active or psychological life. It depends on whether the dreamer stops at a traffic light, on a parking space or in a labyrinth,” he says. It is the unknown linked to an oppressive feeling that represents a kind of dead end, often distressing, gradually transforming the dream into a recurring nightmare.

The solution? The psychoanalyst advises analyzing “where we feel blocked and what issues we have not considered are finally available to us”. Broaden your horizons, open up to the possibilities that remain. In short, focus your energy on the possible and not on the impossible or the difficulty it represents.

8Dream Of Losing Your Teeth

Dream of losing your teeth

This feeling is unbearable and the first thing we do when we wake up is often to tinker with our jaws to make sure that nothing is missing. This is not surprising because our teeth symbolize trust and power. If an event occurs and scratches our confidence, we lose self-confidence and even self-esteem. Losing teeth is often associated with a loss of self-confidence.

How to act? By analyzing once again, its environment and the situation that caused this breakdown. Rather than seeing this situation as something that will leave you powerless, see it as a challenge. Focus on what you want, don’t leave any room in your thoughts for what you fear.

7Lost Unknown Place

lost place dreams

“A little like dreams of confinement, our psyche sends us back to the feeling of lack of control of our action in an unknown environment in which we seem to lose ourselves, (work, emotional relationship…) it can be the reflection of a fuzzy, uncontrolled situation” identifies Dr. Neveu.

How can you refocus and regain control of your life? According to him, “the analysis of the place (city, forest, desert island…) are all symbols specific to the dreamer that will identify a loss of self-confidence in the face of emotions that we are missing, that we must manage to channel”. Moreover, not running away from your emotions, not repressing them would allow the dreamer to get rid of this dream.

6Naked In Public

naked dreams

If you find yourself in Adan’s outfit at the office in one of your dreams, ask yourself about the events that make you feel vulnerable and helpless. We choose our clothes to present, they make our image to others, offer us confidence, affirm our personality. Being naked in public suggests that you feel helpless in front of a situation, a group, an unexpected event. Unable to act.

Analyzing the problem and understanding the issues often leads to the solution, to the click. Our minds are sometimes so focused on our powerlessness or nullity that we do not leave them free to see that there is a solution. If you feed your conscious mind with negative ideas, you no longer leave room for positive feelings such as common sense or hope.


chased dreams

By a fierce animal, a killer whose face you can’t see, a four-headed monster… In short, you are chased and scared. This dream often results from a feeling of helplessness. You may have to make an important decision, a crucial choice. Maybe you’re being pulled. It is often a problem that is repressed and that we do not want to face. According to psychologist Ian Wallas, this would symbolize a dilemma you face, but you can’t solve it. A dilemma you may not be aware of, that you may have repressed, hidden. 

How to act? This dream is often an excellent opportunity for you to pursue a particular personal ambition, to change course, to focus on the essential. Although it may sound scary, your subconscious warns you that a flaw has been detected in the system and that you need to take the time to fix it.

4Erotic Dreams

Erotic dreams


They “represent only about 3% of our dreams, even if the drive and emotional charge associated with them make us memorize them more than others,” explains Pascal Neveu. “They are basically the reflection of unsatisfied desires, or unacknowledged fantasies, which are then sublimated, evacuated through the dream”. However, “we still dream about ourselves,” he recalls. “Also, an erotic dream can also express the desire for union with an underestimated or even discovered a part of us, or for reconciliation with a part of our Self that we refuse, reject, do not accept”.

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3Unable To Find Toilets

unable to find toilets

The feeling of not being able to satisfy a pressing need is also a recurring dream, for the good reason that toilets are what we use to properly meet some of our most basic needs. Not being able to reach them is the result of a communication problem in waking life: you cannot clearly express your own needs.

The solution is an affirmation. The affirmation of self, desires, and needs. To express and assume one’s desires is a fundamental part of our well-being and personal development.

2Flying Dreams

Flying Dreams

This can be a positive feeling depending on whether you fly high in the air or low on the ground. At full speed, or in slow motion. The circumstances of this supernatural escapade define the interpretation of this dream. “Dreams remain the memory of the return of the repressed, i.e. the expression of what is not accepted on the conscious field,” explains Pascal Neveu. It can, therefore, be a feeling of freedom, as well as an undeniable need for escape. The dreamer may feel relieved or handicapped, trapped in a heavy atmosphere and cultivate an indescribable desire to escape.

1Car Accident Dream

Car Accident Dreams

The car represents your ability to make constant progress towards a specific goal. In life, you may feel that you do not have enough resources to control your path to success. Dr. Wallace explains that you should not focus on control and advises you to detach yourself from this constant pressure in order to allow your fundamental instincts and impulses to take the best path for you.


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