Top 10 Spectacular Constructions That Have Never Been Used

construction of Fort Boyard
construction of Fort Boyard

World history is full of examples of super ambitious constructions that were ultimately useless. All kinds of very expensive, completely useless and often cumbersome constructions that can be visited or not, sometimes famous, that also in a way tell our modern history. Things that never had a goal or failed to achieve their original objectives, but are still there.

10Fort Boyard (France)

construction of Fort Boyard
Image by Patou Ricard from Pixabay

Built-in 1804 and completed in 1857, this fort was built to protect the harbor, the mouth of the Charente, the port and the large arsenal of Rochefort, which was potentially threatened by the English. However, it is quickly recycled in prison before being abandoned, to the point of being nicknamed by the locals the “fort of the useless”. During the Second World War, German soldiers targeted him for shooting training. However, he ended up becoming world famous thanks to the show he has been shooting since 1990. About 35 countries have also used it in different versions of the French format.

9The Maginot Line (France)

spectacular constructions of Maginot Line
Image by Wikimedia commons

A series of French fortifications along the borders with Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, the Maginot Line was built from 1928 to 1940 to protect the country. Unfortunately, it soon proved to be blatantly useless and therefore not at all inviolable as initially planned. Ironically, the Germans even used it for their own purposes. Today, some sections can be visited while others are abandoned.

8Hagley Hall Castle (England)

construction of Hagley Hall Castle
Image by Wikimedia commons

The largest building in Hagley Park, this castle deserved its place in this top for the simple reason that it is not particularly historical and remains a gigantic scam. Built to look as if it had suffered the horrors of a terrible conflict or simply the erosion of time, it was actually designed to look like a ruined castle, serving absolutely no purpose other than to decorate the park.

7Broadway Tower (England)

Broadway Tower
Image by Wikipedia

A spectacular and majestic building commissioned by George William, the 6th Earl of Coventry to meet the requirements of his wife the Countess, who wanted to know if she could see the tower from her home window 35 km away. From a height of 20 meters, located on a hill that allows it to peak at 312 meters above sea level, it is indeed visible at more than 100 kilometers. That said, the Broadway Tower has served several purposes since then, including as an observation center during the First World War. Today, exhibitions are held there.

6The Ballandean Pyramid (Australia)

The Ballandean Pyramid
Image by Wikimedia commons

Located in Queensland, this pyramid is the result of the work of a certain Ken Stubberfield, the former owner of the land. Why? Why? Because a very large quantity of granite stones was available and he probably had nothing better to do. In the end, its pyramid weighs 7500 tons and is 25 meters high. Stubberfield took eight months to build it.

5The Sham Castle (England)

spectacular constructions of Clent Sham Castle
Image by Wikimedia commons

One of the many incarnations of the famous English humor. From a distance, Sham Castle appears massive and spectacular, with its two towers and powerful ramparts. Up close, however, we realize that it is only a simple facade. There’s nothing behind it. A fake castle built to give more value to the land.

4Burj Khalifa (United Arab Emirates)

Burj Khalifa
Image by smarko from Pixabay

At a height of 828 meters (829.8 with antenna), Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world (for the moment). It is a symbol. We are perfectly entitled to find it beautiful, it can be visited and used as a film location for films. But if not? Well, not much, actually. It certainly houses offices and other things, but its unoccupied surface remains about 30%. It is not the only building in this case in the world but as it is the highest and most expensive.

3The Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant (Austria)

The Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant
Image by Wikimedia commons

It is the only Austrian nuclear power plant and is not in operation. Built in 1972, before its opening, it met with public opinion, which voted against it by a majority. Then the parliament opts for the non-use of nuclear energy. In 1986, the Chernobyl disaster permanently buried the Zwentendorf power plant, which was eventually partially dismantled to provide parts to repair German power plants. Since 2005, there have been plans to recycle it to become a solar energy production site.

2The Bridge To Nowhere (New Zealand)

The Bridge to nowhere (New-Zealand)
Image by Wikimedia commons

A nice concrete bridge, in the middle of the greenery, that crosses a stream in Whanganui National Park but is not connected to any roads. Built in the 1930s to allow farmers to settle in an unexploited area, it was never used because the area in question proved to be unsuitable for cultivation.

1The Viaduct Of Fauvettes (France)

The Viaduct of Fauvettes
Image by Wikimedia commons

Another bridge. It is one of the buildings built as part of the Ouest-Ceinture railway line in Chartres in the Essonne department. A line that required 24 years of work before it was finally used only from 1931 to 1939. At the beginning of the Second World War, the Germans took it over, it was bombed in several places by the Allies and was never reopened. Damaged itself, the viaduct was repaired but never reconnected to traffic. Today, it is used as a training site for paragliders and is known by mountaineering enthusiasts.



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