10 Things That Would Have Happened If Hitler Had Won The War

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What would the world look like, what would Germany look like today if Adolf Hitler had won the war? The National Socialists had concrete plans for the time after the “final victory” they propagated: with the help of Italy and Japan, Europe was to be subdued first, followed by the whole world. In a “Great Germanic world empire”, the “German master race” was to make its mark on the rest of the planet.

10 Not Hitler Alone, But The Entire World Order

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“If Hitler had won the war” is the title of the best-known book dealing with the scenarios for the world order after a National Socialist victory.

However, his author Ralph Giordano does not see Hitler alone as responsible for these plans, not even a small group of confidants around him, but refers to the “almost collective consensus between this leadership and an overwhelming popular majority.

As the son of a Jewish woman, Giordano himself suffered from the reprisals of the Nazi regime. He bases his work on numerous scientific findings, including the book “The Nuremberg Trial” by Joe L. Heydecker and Johannes Leeb.

The authors compiled the documents and statements of the Nuremberg Trial against the main war criminals and were thus able to draw a comprehensive picture of the world order after a German victory.

09 Plans For Europe

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According to Hitler and his confidants, there was to be a peace conference after the war, which Germany was to win with the support of Italy and Japan.

The first core piece of the Nazi plans: the subjugation of Europe. Countries like Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands were to be fully or at least partially integrated into the Third Reich.

According to Heydecker and Leeb, France and the countries of the Balkans were to remain “in a state of constant submission”, parts of France were to be annexed. Even plans for a raid on neutral Switzerland were already in place.

08 Hitler Had A Divided Relationship With Great Britain

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Hitler had a divided relationship with Great Britain: on the one hand, he considered it to be the “most Aryan people” in the world after the German, on the other he thought that it was ruled by “Jewish dirty pigs”. For Great Britain, Hitler had intended a supportive or at least neutral role in Germany’s path to world domination.

However, Britain saw Hitler as a danger to its interests. After the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany, the British declared war on Germany in 1939. Ultimately, it was clear to the Nazis that Britain would have to be completely subdued.

However, the most important element of the Nazi ideas for the reshaping of Europe and the world was the occupation of the Soviet Union and the annihilation of some 30 million Slavs. Hitler wanted to conquer the country as far as the Urals to create new living spaces.

In parts of the Soviet Union, cities were to be built in which Germans and people of other nationalities – such as Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, and Dutch – who were acceptable to the Nazis – would live.

07 Hitler Wanted To Build A Huge Reservoir In Moscow

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The Russians were to live behind a ring of 30 to 40 kilometers with beautiful villages – and they were to be enslaved, serving the Germans as personnel and laborers. Like many other Eastern European cities, Hitler wanted to devastate Moscow and build a huge reservoir over it.

Hitler and his leadership also planned to occupy the Vatican and kidnap the Pope. In all occupied countries, the Nazis wanted to install counter popes.

According to their idea the individual Catholic groups would then position themselves against each other, the influence of the Catholic Church and thus of Christianity as a whole would dwindle. After that, the Nazis wanted to introduce their doctrine based on a mixture of Germanic Wotan worship and Indian-Persian beliefs.

06 Plans For The World

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Hitler and his followers dreamed of a “Great Germanic Empire”. In this empire, not only Europe but also the rest of the world should be subject to the Germans. After the annexation of large parts of Europe, the entire African continent was to be colonized and significant parts of Asia subjected to weaken the British Empire.

Once this had happened, the “final battle of the remaining two strongest world powers” would take place, between Germany and the USA. Therefore bomb squadrons were to be created, which could cross the Atlantic without refueling and return, to be able to subdue the USA to the “Great Germanic world empire”.

05 Great Germanic World Empire

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If the struggle for world domination had been won, the USA would have to be reorganized according to the ideas of the Nazis. Hitler’s plans provided for the group of Americans of German descent to expand rapidly so that the USA would gradually become a country with a German population.

Alfred Rosenberg, who was familiar with Hitler, had also thought about the USA, especially about the “race problem”: he allegedly wanted to resettle blacks and Jews in Madagascar. However, he testified to this when he was in prison during the Nuremberg Trial and hoped for a milder punishment. It is more likely that the Nazis wanted to continue the extermination of the Jews there as well.

04 Plans For Germany

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Germany should flourish: After the war, there should be bonuses for the most beautifully rebuilt towns and villages. Motorways were to penetrate not only Germany but the entire “Germanic Empire”. Hitler also dreamed of an “over-Bahn” that would connect the individual large cities at 200 kilometers per hour and for which the Nazi architects had already produced some of the designs.

Berlin was to accommodate eight million people and be renamed “Germania”. This metropolis was to become the capital of the “Germanic World Empire”. As in Berlin, huge boulevards, triumphal arches, and magnificent buildings were to be built in Munich, and even a party university was to be built on the shores of Lake Chiemsee, housed in massive buildings. The Nazis had already chosen the building site.

03 Mastermen Wanted To Breed

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Strict rules were to apply to the population in the “Germanic Empire”: The state would have dictated the lifestyle of the individual from childhood on, from the Hitler Youth to the Nazi retirement home, the party would have exerted a strong influence on society. The Reich was to be controlled by an elite that could be deployed for any task within the leadership.

These “mastermen” wanted to “breed” Hitler and his confidant Heinrich Himmler with the help of SS men. They were even to be given the right to enter into double marriages to produce as many blondes, blue-eyed descendants as possible. On the other hand, marriages that remained childless were to be dissolved after five years.

02 Personal Plans Of The NS Leadership

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Hitler wanted to retire after the reorganization of the world. According to Heydecker and Leeb, who quote Hitler’s body photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, he had chosen the Obersalzberg in the Berchtesgadener Land and wanted to critically monitor his successor from there.

Giordano quotes another source according to which Hitler wanted to settle in Linz. The one who was to follow in his footsteps had to be younger than Hitler in any case. His confidants like Himmler or Goebbels were out of the question since they were his age.

01 Himmler Also Concrete Plans For Himself

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Himmler also had very concrete plans for himself: He had the Wewelsburg near Paderborn rebuilt, which was intended as the ancestral castle of the planned order castles in the “Germanic World Empire”.

In the order castles, the leading personnel of the Nazis was to be trained. Himmler wanted to live in this castle after the war. In 1945 Himmler had the planned center of the “Germanic World Empire” partially destroyed and took his own life shortly afterward.


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