The Top 10 Tips To Optimize The Battery Of Your Mobile Devices

battery charging

Very practical, your mobile devices (mobile phone, tablet, computer…) accompany you in all your travels. While you can find charging points in many places, you are not immune to battery failure at times. In these articles, i will provide you with the best tips to save and optimize the battery life of your mobile devices.

Did You Know That?

The life of your battery is expressed in the number of charging cycles. These are the number of times you fully charge and discharge your battery. For example, the lifetime of a Lithium-Ion battery is estimated at between 500 and 1000 cycles.

10Turn Down The Screen Brightnessdown screen brightness save battery

You don’t always realize it: the screen of your devices is often very bright. If it’s ideal for your visual comfort, it’s less ideal for your battery! Choose automatic brightness adjustment. With this feature, your screen adapts to the light of where you are and saves you valuable minutes of charging.

9Disable Wireless Connectionswireless connectionWi-Fi and Bluetooth functions are particularly energy consuming. If they are convenient for connecting without cables or when you are on the move, it is not necessary to leave them on when you are not using them. So remember to cut off wireless connections to relieve your battery.

8Switch To Aircraft Mode When You Don’t Have A NetworkSwitch to aircraft mode

The network can often be capricious, especially in a remote location, such as when you are in the countryside. The first reflex when you don’t get it? Try to find the network at all costs! No need to be stubborn: in addition to wasting time, your device will constantly seek better coverage and thus affect your autonomy. Switch your aircraft to flight mode and take advantage of your weekend to disconnect!

7Reduce Multi-taskingReduce multi tasking

If you have about ten software and/or applications running at the same time on your device, the battery charge is impacted. You probably don’t need to have all these windows open at the same time, so don’t hesitate to sort and close all the programs that are not useful to you.

6Limit NotificationsLimit notifications

Some programs and applications on your phone, tablet or computer, regularly send you notifications throughout the day. While they can be very practical, it is important to realize that they seriously damage your battery. Remember to disable them: in addition to doing good at your own expense, it will allow you to focus on something else!

5Do Not Wait Until Your Battery Is EmptyDo not wait until your battery is empty

Many people think that you have to wait until the battery is completely empty before recharging it: this is not true. Whenever possible, connect your device as soon as its battery runs down to 20 or 30%. Don’t worry: it won’t count as a full charge cycle.

4Do Not Charge Your Device Up To 100%charging battery 100%

Ideally, do not let your device be fully charged. Unplug it when it reaches 80%. Beyond that, it will tend to store too much energy in the battery and the battery’s life can be compromised.

3Do Not Leave Your Device Charging Overnightcharging battery overnight

Before going to bed, you plug in your phone or tablet so that your device charges all night long. Break this bad habit: it damages your battery, which can overheat. Instead, connect your laptop during the day when you can check the charge percentage.

2Beware Of Extreme Temperaturesextreme temperatures of your smartphone

Whether it is for the battery or for the general operation of your device, be wary of extreme temperatures. Avoid leaving your devices in direct sunlight or leaving your computer in your trunk in the middle of winter for an entire night.

1Set Up Your MailboxSet up your mailbox

Each time your email retrieves your messages from the server, it draws on the autonomy of your battery. On your tablet, smartphone or PC, there is no need for your messages to be read automatically every ten minutes: set your settings for a reception every 30 minutes or every hour.

While a few simple tips can help you optimize the battery life of your mobile equipment, there is only one solution to protect them from the small risks of everyday life: good insurance! Carrefour Assurance offers you an insurance offer for mobile devices adapted to your needs.


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