10 Torture Murders In History Who Are More Cruel Than Famous

Basil II: the Bulgarian murderer
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Oh, we’re hearing about Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot torture and murder that’s starting to be enough. We could not dig a little deeper, and get bored looking for in the forgotten, in the underling, in the outsider. We talk to you about second class torturers, Japanese crazy doctors, medieval tyrants, the heavy and dirty. Good reading.

10Leopold II Of Belgium

Leopold II of Belgium
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Leopold II of Belgium is less well known than Hitler and Stalin but he has his place among the dirtiest murderous scoundrels in history. This sovereign decided in 1855 to make Congo an extension of the flat country by setting up trading posts and looting its wealth. Rape, murder, kidnapping, terror regime, the abuses are unpunished and the Congolese people are dirty. It is estimated that there are now 10 million victims of Leopold and his henchmen.

9Phalaris Of Agrigento

Pierre Woeiriot Phalaris
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Agrigento is a city that owes a lot to its tyrants and especially to Phalaris, who, in charge of building a temple for Zeus in this part of Sicily decided to become its leader, quite simply. If he brought wealth and prosperity to the region, he did so at the cost of many cruelties, including cannibalism torture and murder. The most famous being the one where he locked the victim in a hollow statue of a bull in bronze and then slowly made them leathered over a fire. The screams of the tortured and then murder reminded him of the bull’s cry and he liked it.

8Ryoichi Naito

torture and murder by Ryoichi Naito
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Naito was a lieutenant colonel in the famous Japanese Unit 731 which for 10 years, from 1935 to 1945, had fun doing quite a few small and very nice medical experiments on its Chinese prisoners. On the menu: the test of grenades, flame throwers and various bombs, removal of organs, intentional infections, amputations, we enjoy. But let’s go further, Naito is also experimenting on resistance to cold, hunger, thirst, pressure (prisoners are locked in hyperbaric chambers and increase the pressure until they die), fire, radiation, etc. And if you need more, the victims were also injected with animal blood and even air bubbles in their veins to generate heart attacks. All thanks to the good ideas of Naito and his friends.

7Rafael Trujillo

Rafael Trujillo
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

It is not easy to stand out from the bloody dictators of Latin America and Trujillo is too often forgotten. Yet this CIA-backed tyrant from the Dominican Republic is responsible for more than 50,000 deaths. When he became a businessman in 1930, he held the country in an iron fist by eliminating all opposition. During a diplomatic crisis with Haiti, he ordered the execution of thousands of Haitians living in the Dominican Republic. Because we don’t laugh with Rafael. Worthy of a Tintin Alcazar, he renamed the capital Ciudad Trujillo and the highest mountain Pico Trujillo. Because he could.

6Thomas Thistlewood

Arthur Thistlewood
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Thomas Thislewood was a British slave trader based in Jamaica. Well, slavery was a horror and a priori Thislewood was no worse than the others. With the exception that in Jamaica, whites were outnumbered by 1 to 16 and that in order not to get fucked up, terror had to prevail in the ranks. In his 14,000-page diary, he recounts in detail the various acts of violence and torture he inflicted on his slaves, even seeming to find pleasure in them. His act of armament, the invention of the “Derby’s Dose”, torture in which a slave was defecated in his mouth and then gagged for long hours.

5Qin Shi Huang

Qin Shi Huang
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Qin Shi Huang, paranoid Chinese emperor, completely violent, cruel and, finally, not very frequent. From 221 to 210 BC, he displaced thousands of families, burned most of the writings and books of the time and killed half of the region’s intellectuals. It is certain that in terms of infrastructure, it quickly progressed as he forced his subjects to build roads until they were exhausted. When the scientists in his court failed to find a potion of immortality, he buried them alive. (There were 480 of them.)

4Empress Wu

Empress Wu
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Empress Wu came to power from October 690 to February 705 and she can claim to have been the only woman to hold the Chinese barracks. The problem is that her record is a little mixed: cruel and sadistic, she couldn’t really stand to be contradicted and zigzagged around. Everyone goes through it, his niece, his nephews, his daughter of only a few days, also pushing one of his sons to suicide. As for her people, she subjected them to all kinds of torture, even boiling a few hobos. A cream.

3Talaat Pasha

Talaat Pasha
Photo credit: flickr

The name Talaat Pasha is not well known to the general public, yet this ugly Ottoman mustache Minister of the Interior is one of the main perpetrators of the Armenian genocide from 1915 onwards. Whipping, torture, robberies, rapes, murders, impunity was total for the Ottoman troops who deported the Armenian populations en masse. It is estimated that between 1 and 1.5 million Armenians were killed under his command, out of a total population of 2 million people. Talaat was shot dead by a commando of Armenian assassins in 1921, some will say that he did not steal it.

2Tomas De Torquemada

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Lovers of stoner-doom or gloomy stories probably know the name Torquemada, but this extraordinary bastard clearly deserves international recognition. Great Spanish Inquisitor from 1483 to 1498, he spent his life chasing heretics and Jews, encouraging espionage, denunciation and of course: LA. TORTURE. The list is long since he did almost everything to the tortured, but note that he liked to burn the soles of his feet and suffocate his victims, tear off their limbs, forcing them to drink plenty of water, crush them with large stones, in short, you got it.

1Basil II

Basil II: the Bulgarian murderer
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Basil II called Bulgaroctone was the Byzantine emperor from 976 to 1025. Unlike Empress Wu in China, Basil did a good job for his country, the problem is that in addition to being effective, he was cruel and merciless. After the victorious battle of Kleidon against the Bulgarians, he killed 15,000 and took as many prisoners as he let go, not without having punctured or burned their eyes. One man in a hundred was spared (they were given a valid eye) to be able to take the soldiers home. A very nice technique that he used several times, sparing neither women nor children. That Basil’s a hell of a guy.


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