11 Weird Things That Happen During Our Sleep

Hypnotic hallucinations in sleep

The night is made to sleep and restore your energy. But we have all experienced strange and more or less unpleasant sensations during sleep. In this article to focus on sleep disorders and other mysteries that science has not yet fully elucidated. Share your own experiences in the comments!

11Paralysis Of SleepParalysis of sleep

You wake up in the middle of the night and can’t move. This can be accompanied by hallucinations and the impression that someone is watching us. In ancient times, this phenomenon was attributed to demonic forces.

In general, when we sleep, our brains “paralyzed” us so that we do not move too much during sleep. Sleep paralysis occurs when our muscles are still “blocked” while the brain is awake.

About 7% of the world’s population has already experienced this phenomenon at least once in their lives. It seems to happen more often when you sleep on your back.

10Hypnotic Hallucinations

Hypnotic hallucinations in sleep

When you are between wakefulness and sleep, you see images in front of your eyes that you can’t control. They are often scary faces or fantastic creatures.

It is one of the few forms of hallucination that affects sane individuals. In general, they concern children, which explains why they cannot sleep. They often occur because of stress or a fertile imagination. They can also happen when you fall asleep while intoxicated.

9Talking While Sleeping

Talking while sleeping

In general, the person who suffers from somniloquism does not even notice it. This phenomenon is totally harmless from a psychological point of view. The only disadvantage would be to unintentionally reveal a secret.

In general, this disorder is observed in men and children. The main cause is stress. The subconscious mind of the individual tries to fight against something that disturbs him in reality.

8Nested Dreams

Nested dreams during sleep

The person dreams of something, then “wake up” and continues to experience strange events. In reality, she simply dreamed that she was waking up, but she is still asleep. The film Inception is based on this phenomenon. And since its release, many people claim to have experienced it.

Some mystics claim that the individuals who have experienced it have predispositions to the practice of spiritualism. But science has not yet solved this mystery.



This disorder is the opposite of sleep paralysis: your consciousness is asleep, but your muscles are moving. Sleepwalkers can walk, make simple gestures and even leave their homes, which can be dangerous. In the morning, they don’t remember anything.

Sleepwalking affects 5 to 10% of the population, and again, it concerns mainly children. The cause of this phenomenon remains unknown, as well as the means of treating it.

6Exploding Head Syndrome

Exploding head syndrome

The person wakes up as if after an explosion or loud noise. Sometimes she even remains stunned by the power of the noise she thinks she has heard. This can be accompanied by a ringing in the ears or flashes in front of the eyes. The phenomenon is not dangerous, but it can be frightening. Some people think it’s a stroke.

For an unknown reason, the neurons responsible for processing sounds are activated in the brain. Sometimes the phenomenon is due to insomnia or jet lag after a long journey.

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5Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is the cessation of breathing during sleep. It usually causes waking up. The quality of sleep is reduced, the brain feels a lack of oxygen and it is difficult to get back to sleep properly. During these “attacks”, blood pressure changes, which can lead to heart problems.

During sleep, the throat muscles relax, and in some people, this causes airway obstruction. Those at risk are overweight individuals, smokers and the elderly. Unusual fact: playing didgeridoo (a musical instrument of the Australian aborigines) helps to fight sleep apnea.

4Recurring Dreams

Recurring dreams during sleep

A recurring dream is a dream that is repeated over a more or less long period of time. It may take a few days or several years between these dreams. However, if their content is the same or very similar, then we will speak of a recurring dream.

In general, this type of dream is memorable because of the negative elements or atmosphere. Recurrent dreams are often nightmares and characterized by an anxious atmosphere. Dreaming of having a car accident or being chased by an individual who wants to hurt you is an example of a common recurring dream. Thus, most recurring dreams are distressing repetitive dreams.

The most common hypothesis to explain the recurrence of dreams is that these dreams indicate unresolved problems that are a source of anxiety in the dreamer’s life. They are motivated by an unconscious desire to solve problems that we have difficulty managing in normal times. The images that appear in these dreams are often linked to symbols of anxiety. The principle at stake is that if we do not consciously face our sources of stress and problems, we are inclined to dream about them while we are asleep.

Thus, recurring dreams tend to surface when we experience emotionally difficult moments. The function of this type of dream is to draw our attention to facts and emotions that we usually ignore. The meaning to be retained is related both to the specific content of the dream and to the fact that it is recurrent.

Psychologists think that the brain tries through these dreams to draw our attention to elements of which we are not aware of. These dreams are repeated until the situation is resolved.

3Falling Out Of Bed

Falling out of bed

Sometimes you have the impression of “falling” into bed, which causes a startling awakening. Sometimes you dream beforehand that you are flying, then you fall; this feeling is quite unpleasant.

Sleep is like death. Breathing and heart rate slow down, muscles relax completely. Then the brain “gets scared”, thinks it could be death and “checks” that the body is still alive by sending a pulse to the muscles.

2“Body Exit” Experiments

Body exit experiments

It is a neuro-psychological phenomenon in which the person, who is in a state between awake and sleeping, sees himself from an “external” point of view. Mystics consider it as proof of the existence of the soul.

This phenomenon is difficult to study. To date, scientists know that the illusion of “body exit” really exists, but they do not know how it works or why it occurs. They also do not know how to prevent it. Some people seek to voluntarily enter this state in order to broaden their perception of the world.

1Illumination During Sleep

Illumination during sleep

Sometimes we spend days on a problem without being able to solve it, and suddenly our brain gives us the solution during the night. The important thing is to remember it when you wake up.

He had great difficulty building his periodic table, and one night he would have seen it in a dream. A similar phenomenon would have happened to the chemist Kekule, who would have dreamed of the benzene formula.

Sometimes our subconscious mind already knows the answer to a question, but we are not yet aware of it. That is why he communicates it to us through dreams. The brain sometimes has pleasant surprises in store for us, doesn’t it?


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