6 Analytical Issues Raised In The Upcoming Movies

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The future is predictable with terrible climate forecasts and more with Jeremy Renner’s albums. Something that we can still expect with gratitude. Movies: Before Netflix finds direct dopamine straight into the brain, listeners will still go to the cinema to see what makes them more interesting. And while most of the movies in the future look great, we have questions about some of them.


cruella movies
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How Disney wants to rid the woman of betrayal for Puppy Murders. We are all familiar with the history of 101 Dalmatians, where the rich lady is slaughtered with two dirty bathtubs, helping her kill some students for the new furniture. It should be the craziest amount of effort anyone has gone out of a piece of outer clothing out of the professional golf connection.

Disney strives to transform the entire library of animated classics into unexpected live-action, but since they are already in the 90s, they have already done with 101 Dalmatians, this time they go more and more in the revisionist direction. Like Maleficent, this is a precedent from the perspective of the Cruella de Vil. What is the strange idea? There is no opportunity to justify naughty murder. One rumored synopsis claims that the film will show us De Vil’s “real” origin of the Dalmatians’ hatred. But he was not only the dog’s mold. Do we know that his parents were killed by a Dalmatian in the Crimean Alley?

Added to the film’s curiosity, it is reported as “punk vibe” and will be created either in the ’70s or’ 80s. Cruella will be presented by Emma Stone, but its name will be “Estella” – probably as Han Solo, the story of its origin will see an awkward episode where it is given a new name, Sid Vicious or some junk. Like Solo, Estella will have a notorious educator who shows her ropes that are probably also prepared for a dead dog.

5Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog
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After the Internet, he agreed that the star of the new Sonic The Hedgehog was similar to the actor reproducing all duplicates of the personality, the filmmakers push the release date so that they could completely transform the character. That is, we have to wait a little longer until all our questions are answered. And we have many of them. For beginners, this is Sonic The hedgehog.

Why do we ask this when his name clearly says he is hedgehog? Is not that the chance to ask what the rapper is doing for a living? Yes, the reason why the filmmaker Sonic looks so strange is that he is an alien. They suggest that in training when Sonic talks about Earth as “your planet.” In an interview with the film director, he says the story is similar to that of E.T. because it is “a small town that comes together to help the sheriff save our foreigners from the bad guys.” And to be fair, if Twitter was in the 1980s, people would probably also ask for that. mostly with a 90-year-old man’s eyes.

Now, this comment contradicts the rules of the game. In the official history, Sonic was “born on Earth at the beginning of the 21st century, in the state of Hardly, in Nebraska” and his mother and five sisters lived near a fast-food restaurant where they rescued ” burger scraps, curds, and casual whistles or mixtures. So, we will get the Sonic’s elder, a little bit like the Blue Hedgehog or the unmatched mother with the ghastly poverty, the shocking tale of the poor sonic scrounging.


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In Batman’s history, when Batman does not appear, this fall we get the Joker movies, Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro and Marc Maron, who probably finish the movies asking for the Clown Prince of Crime from them Two are “good”. For a moment he was paying attention when the future Joker Arthur Fleck was visiting a little boy, aggressively making him smile on his face as a local morning show host.

Many were suspicious that the boy would later confirm that Bruce Wayne was rice. Perhaps in this interpretation of Batman’s mythology, some are amazed that the gray hands of Bruce’s mouth indicate what caused the Dark Grenade. In any case, it creates unexpected dynamics. Joker is a story of origin for a classic criminal. One can assume that Bruce in the space of this movies grows one day, becoming Batman and fighting his famous Nemesis. Joaquin Phoenix is 44. Let’s suppose that Bruce has about 10. If he is Batman, say 30, that means Joker will be in the mid-sixties. Thus, they assume that Batman’s birth is a senior citizen in this continuity.

This suggests that the Joker movies is not a real Joker, but rather a proto-joker that serves to inspire Joker, which we all know. What will be strange because the movies is called Joker?

3Ghostbusters High

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How Do You Ghostbusters Movies Without Monsters? If Dan Aykroyd loves something, then sells vodka with gray shaped bottles. If there are two things she loves, it’s fun and funny Ghostbusters movies pitching. After unsuccessful purchases, Ghostbusters goes to Hell itself and face-to-face with a Trump-like devil, Aykroyd already works on a prequel. The actor who was filmed cruel but recently announced that he wrote Ghostbusters High’s scenario that Ghostbusters met in high schoolers in 1969, which took place.

But what are these awkward young Ghostbusters going to do, right? We assume that fans do not want to watch a movies where the actors imitate Bill Murray and Harold Ramsey when they discover coffins and listen to Led Zeppelin. But the original 1984 film has clarified that these guys have never seen a ghost before. When we first meet Peter Venkman, he is not a believer. And Ray is the first to witness the ghost.

This is not a small pre-built horizontal, like Obi-Wan, forgetting that he is fully owned by a droid named R2-D2. Ray, Egon, and Venkman, who are confronted with the real polarity, are all about the ghost. So, they’re making a Ghostbusters movies that does not have ghosts. Either this or the movies will end with Lil ‘Ghostbusters that suffers from a brain injury, all of which is Ray Parker Jr’s sounds.

2Hobbs & Shaw

Hobbs & Shaw movies
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Why There Is No One That Shaw Killed Han? This summer, Fast & Furious franchise, Frasier Crane, will “represent” some kind of way that leads to Frasier if it runs away from radio psychiatry to fight genetically developed Idris Elba. Hobbes and Shaw may sound like a butler or something like PBS show, but it’s a new (probably flammable midair) Dwayne’s “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham’s Fast & Furious Characters.

Although many of us are not buying these films for their logic, one detail still hits the fans. When we met Statham’s Deckard Shaw for the first time, it appeared that Fast and Furious had killed the beloved character, Han. Tokyo Drift (which happens after most of the sequences, because it’s the time for the word “Furious”).

Does not anyone care that this dude killed his friends? And the audience is not a small lack of rooting for her. It’s like Harry Potter’s continuation, where Neville collects with Voldemort. Or a Marley And Me Consistency, in which Owen Wilson reads around the grave spectrum of death itself.

Not surprisingly, some fans have been tempted to do so by trying to get “#JusticeForHan” on Twitter. Writer Chris Morgan defended the show’s redemption, saying: “There are things you do not yet know.” We will finally announce Hobbs & Shaw. Ah, who cares, is messy and dirty? And talking about The Rock.

1Jungle Cruise

jungle-cruise movies
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America fell in love with the Caribbean pirates, tolerated The Haunted Mansion, desperately blurred Country Bears and passed to Tomorrowland, Disney is still planning to shoot films for each of them. Hell, we are probably just a few years away from the movie “Sweaty Teenage Turkey Leg Vendor”.

First of all, we get a movie based on the Jungle Cruise ride, where visitors take a lazy boat on the floating river with animated animals below the river, and the ship’s captain makes jealous jokes. In the 1950s, it was probably more alarming, with all the brilliant racist whistles. Sometimes it turns into Dwayne’s “Rock” Johnson and Emily’s “The Hammer” Blunt.

There is not much plot on the ride unless you consider tired parents tossing their captain over the “plot.” So, the scriptwriters were compelled to invent and it sounds like. According to the news, Johnson finds the captain of the boat and a blinding scientist to look for “Tree of Life”, the real tree of a dead tree, not Terrence Mallick’s masterpiece. Why? According to early rumors, Bling’s character was “inspired by his brother’s death, which resulted in infectious disease.” Does that mean that he is trying to resurrect his brother from the resurrection?

The scenario was reported by a classic African queen, who also sees Catherine Hepburn’s character, which motivates her to make a river trip because of her brother’s death. Or because this news was false, or I discerned one of Disney’s that their story was terrible, during the transformation it became clear that the brother is alive, but probably still ill, hence finding a magic tree.

Who knows, the final film can be amazing. But right now, we can imagine an extremely ill person covered in the corner of a boat captain who does not stop elephants.


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