9 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Hygiene And Health

Antibacterial hygiene
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Everything you know about your hygiene is wrong. The hygiene of most people is worse than they actually believe. The following interesting facts about hygiene and health will get you to rethink and change your previous habits.

9Antibacterial Hand Soap

Antibacterial hygiene
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The antibacterial hand soap can change your hormonal level. Besides, it is not as effective as you think. Most antibacterial soaps contain the chemical triclosan. It has been proven that this changes the hormonal level. Triclosan is present in 75% of all antibacterial soaps, as well as in cleaners and some toothpaste. Aside from the possible effects of triclosan, antibacterial soap is by no means more effective than regular soap.

8Escherichia Coli Bacteria Infection

koli bacteria
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Washing the clothes can remove dirt from them, but there is also the possibility of your clothes being affected by excrement. Research shows that washing the underwear in the washing machine can deliver 100 million Escherichia coli. This is a bacterium that lives in the colon. They will be transferred to the clothes at the next wash. Specialists recommend that you wash the underwear at higher temperatures and remove them immediately after the end of the washing program as the bacteria multiply in a humid environment. That is inevitable.

7Bacteria In Bathroom

clean bathroom with hygiene
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You probably spend a lot of time in the dirtiest place in your house. In the bathroom, up to 2 million bacteria can live on one square inch, and more than 500,000 bacteria per square inch live in the sink of the kitchen.

6Case Of Hand Dryers

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If you dry your hands with a hand dryer, it might be better to change back to ordinary paper towels. Paper towels are more hygienic than hand dryers. It also consumes more energy. The paper towels are the cleanest way to dry off your hands. In the case of hand dryers, the hands usually stay moist, which actually attracts the bacteria. By comparison, drying hands with paper towels takes about 15 seconds, while a hand dryer takes 45 seconds, most of which break after just 13 to 17 seconds.


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More microorganisms can live in the mouth than you can imagine. An investigation shows that 67% of all test persons with fixed braces have yeasts. 50% of all bacteria have proven to cause dangerous infections. In most cases, the problem is poor cleaning and poor hygiene.

4Five Second Rule

bacteria in food
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The 5-second rule is wrong. Rather, the 5-second rule should be renamed the 0-second rule, because 99% of all bacteria immediately reach the food that has fallen to the ground. Some floor coverings are more dangerous: there are more microorganisms in the bathroom.

3Bacteria Live In The Human Belly Button

clean belly button with hygiene
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Facts about hygiene and health: Clean your belly button more often. In one investigation, it was found that 2365 unique bacteria live in the human belly button, 1458 of which were previously unknown to science. Pay more attention to your belly button.

2Too Much Fat Or Oil In Acne

Acne hygiene
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The fight with acne may be wrong. Some products that are supposed to help fight acne can make the problem even worse. Specialists explain that the problem with the acne under the skin, which makes the products useless. Soaps for acne can contain too much fat or oil, which can make acne even worse.

1Daily Showering Is Harmful

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Daily showering with shampoo is harmful. In the media, it is often suggested that daily use of shampoo does not harm the scalp or hair. Dermatologists, however, disagree. The more often you wash your hair, the more sebum the sebaceous glands produce. In this way, the body fights against the constant washing and drying out. The hair should not be washed more than 3 times a week.


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