Berlin Senate debates possible “ban on contact”

Berlin Senate debates possible “ban on contact”

On Thursday there was still a violent dispute in the Senate over whether Berlin should adopt tougher measures in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The waste was two days later: Berlin has closed the cafes and restaurants since Sunday and prohibited gatherings of more than ten people.

The federal and state governments want to decide on a type of contact ban in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus . Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the state premiers agreed on a telephone conference on Sunday that the gathering of more than 2 people should be prohibited. Families and people living in a household should be excluded.

Red-Red-Green wants to debate the federal-state agreements at an extraordinary meeting from 5 p.m. in the Red City Hall. According to Tagesspiegel information, the Senate will probably no longer shut itself off even after a temporary exit restriction.

The meeting continues to take place in person, Senate spokeswoman Melanie Reinsch confirmed on Sunday on request of the Tagesspiegel. “The Senate adheres to the rules of conduct like everyone else and keeps a distance of 1.5 meters. In a few exceptions, the Senate has to come together. It can do this, just like the Bundestag and the Bundesrat, the legal framework provides for these exceptions,” said Reinsch.

Senate meets personally

Had Greens and Leftist, who was still very concerned about agreeing to further restrictions in daily life, looked very different – given the increase from 688 new Covid 19 infections on Thursday to more than 1000 on Sunday.

Left Party leader Katina Schubert said: “We will not go through a curfew.” But she no longer wanted to rule out a restriction entirely. In Berlin, “significant changes in behavior” are visible to people. “The Berliners heard the shot.” Further regulations should be “appropriate for a big city”. Social life had to go on, “even if from a distance”.

The Greens held each other with statements before the Senate meeting stressed back. The Senate has already adopted stricter measures. It will be discussed in the Senate whether further steps are necessary and “agreed with the federal and state governments, especially Brandenburg,” it said.

Parties endeavored not to decide to go it alone in Berlin Curfew and countered possible damage to families that could not leave the house in the event of severe restrictions. In the Tagesspiegel interview she said on Saturday: “I appeal to reason to avoid close contacts” .

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On Sunday, all parties were visibly trying and willing, no going it alone for To decide Berlin and above all to speak with a unified voice. In the SPD, the governing mayor Michael Müller (SPD) had already obtained the group’s approval on Friday. It is behind the course of the governing and health senator Kalayci.

Müller closed “harder measures” for Containment of the coronavirus not from . If Kalayci had presented her “template for the exit restriction ordinance” in vain on Thursday in the Senate, the initial skepticism in her own ranks – as with Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz (SPD) – gave way to the questioning after the realization that one now had to react quickly. In order to weaken the exponential curve of new infections, social, especially physical, contacts of the citizens must be prevented.

A SPD leader said before the Senate session on Sunday that he was assuming a temporary exit limit and from the approval of the Greens and the Left. “If a train approaches them at 300 km / h, they cannot stand in front of it and call for a stop. You have to set the course correctly beforehand so that there is no disaster. ”


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