How To Activate And Deactivate The Dark Mode On Instagram?

dark mode on instagram
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For a few days now, The Dark Mode On Instagram available. To enjoy it on your Android or iOS smartphone, you must first install the latest version of the operating system. I will be explained how to activate this display mode in detail.

There are more applications that use a dark mode to reduce eyestrain and extend the battery life of our smartphones. After Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Twitter, the Google Play Store or Viber, it is Instagram’s turn to adopt a dark theme, both on iOS or Android.

How To Activate The Dark Mode On Instagram On An Android Smartphone?

To activate it on your Android smartphone, you must install Android 10, unfortunately, the update is only available on a handful of Android smartphones, mainly Google Pixels. Once this is done, check that you are well equipped with the latest version of the application. You must have at least version installed. If not, download the latest Instagram APK or get the latest version from the Play Store. Then follow the method below.

  • Go to the Android 10 Settings icon
  • Click on the Display icon
  • Scroll down the screen that appears: there you will find the option Dark Theme, which you only need to activate to benefit from it
  • Close and restart the application

Instagram’s dark mode actually adapts to the theme chosen at the system level. It is therefore sufficient to activate the dark theme of Android 10 (as explained above). The mode is also accessible at a glance in the quick configuration window. If you disable it in your Android smartphone settings, the social network will return to the usual clear mode.

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How To Activate The Dark Mode On Instagram On An Ios Device?

The procedure is essentially the same on iOS. Again, you must absolutely install iOS 13 and for that, you must go to the settings of your iPhone, go to General and then to Software Update. You will be advised to activate automatic updates at the same time. Once iOS 13 is installed, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the iPhone Settings
  • Go to Control Center
  • Choose Customize Orders
  • In Other Controls, search for Dark Mode and press the + next to it
  • Return to the home screen
  • Slide your finger from the right corner of the screen towards the center to display the control center
  • Press dark mode
  • Close and restart the Instagram application

As on Android, just disable it and Instagram will return to its normal colors. Be careful, it is also possible to access the dark mode icon more easily by letting your finger press the brightness setting in the control center. What do you think of this dark mode? Did you activate it on your phone? Your opinion is awaited in the comments.


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