How To Activate The Media Playback Button In Google Chrome?

Google Chrome

Control media playback in your Google Chrome web browser without having to search for the tab in which they are played.

Google has just updated its web browser Chrome to version 77. This update introduces a new feature within its flags, making it easier to control the playback of media played in your tabs.

These experimental Chrome functions, disabled by default, can be officially integrated into future stable versions, but also disappear without warning from one update to the next.

1Update ChromeUpdate Google Chrome

First, check your browser version. Deploy the main Chrome menu, then in Help, click About Google Chrome. The browser displays the version number and if it is not up to date, automatically downloads and installs the latest version.

Google Chrome

If the update is not applied, it is also possible to force its installation by downloading the dedicated installer.

2Enable The FlagGlobal Media Control

In the Google Chrome address bar, type : chrome://flags/#global-media-controls

Click on the right drop-down menu, and replace the Default value with Enabled. Restart your browser by clicking Relaunch Now to save the changes.

Global Media Control

3Display The ReaderGlobal Media Control

You no longer need to search for the tab in which multimedia content is played. Simply click on the playback button to display the pop-up of the media player in which you will find the source and control buttons.


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