How to know if you have been a victim of Facebook Hack

facebook hacked

Facebook has just set up a link to find out if your Facebook account has been affected by the security breach discovered in September. The social network also provides more information on the ongoing investigation into this issue.

At the end of September, Facebook announced in a press release that approximately 50 million accounts had been identified to a major security breach. Since then, the problem has been fixed, but about 90 million users have been disconnected from their profiles as a preventive measure.

The social network investigation determined that the vulnerability was exploited between September 14 and 27, 2018. The accesses that the hackers were able to obtain have since been invalidated by the social network.

On October 12, Facebook published a post explaining the flaw and the progress of the investigation. We learn that about 30 million accounts have actually been compromised. The article allows you to know what information may have been stolen and thus protect yourself by modifying it, if possible.

On the other hand, Facebook pointed out that this flaw had existed since July 2017, but that the social network did not detect an abnormal number of connections until September 14, 2018. This does not rule out the possibility that pirates may have exploited this vulnerability before September 2018.

To find out if your account has been affected by the vulnerability, Facebook provides a link to the page containing all the important information. It is only available in English but should help to make it clearer. Just log into your Facebook account and open the link. At the bottom of the page, a blue square appears with the words: “Is my Facebook account impacted by this security issue?” (“Has my Facebook account been affected by the security breach?”)

If your account has been touched then a message detailing what has been accessible is displayed, as well as the information they have not been able to obtain. In the other case, if your account is not affected, a simple three-line message explains that the account has not been compromised.



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