How To Manually Uninstall A Windows Update


Remove some Windows updates installed on your PC to resolve software and hardware incompatibility issues.

For security reasons, it is recommended to update your operating system as often as necessary. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that some software or devices that you use on a daily basis no longer work after installing a Windows update.

Until a patch is proposed by the program publisher or device manufacturer to restore your device to working order, you can still manually uninstall faulty updates to find working tools.

1. Go To The Settings

Windows Settings
Click on the Windows Start menu, and access the Settings by clicking on the star wheel icon. Then go to the Update and Security page to access the system update settings.


2. Click On View Update History

View-update-historyThen choose to display the history of updates applied on your computer by clicking on the appropriate button.


3. Uninstall A Recalcitrant Update

Uninstall Windows updates
Then click on Uninstall Updates. The list of the latest updates applied to Windows lists two types of updates: feature updates and definition updates. These only concern the antivirus database associated with Windows Defender.

Then check the installation date of the various updates of your PC. Right-click on one of the most recent ones you suspect conflicts with your configuration and choose to Uninstall it.


Restart your computer if necessary and, if the problem persists, manually uninstall other recent updates that may cause hardware malfunctions.

Then check with your software publisher or hardware manufacturer to find out if a product update is planned. Once updated, you will have to reinstall Windows updates for security reasons.


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