How To Remove And Disable Your YouTube History?


Searches and videos watched on YouTube are automatically stored in history. If you want to disable all YouTube history, it’s possible.

All actions you perform on YouTube are, by default, automatically saved in a history. You will find it directly in the side column of the platform, after having deployed the main menu.

It shows the history of videos watched, but also the history of your search, comments, and responses on your videos or discussions, activities related to publications for the community, or messages that you could have sent in live chats.

While this may be useful for later retrieval of some content, you may not want this history to be visible to everyone, especially if your machine still connected to your Google Account is being used by a loved one.

Fortunately, you can delete this history in a fairly simple way, and if you do not need it, you can disable it. There are two ways to clear and disable your YouTube history. Here’s how to proceed.

By Going Directly Through YouTube

1. Go To YouTubeyoutube history

See your first time on YouTube. Deploy the main menu and click on History to access the content of the main menu.

2. Delete The Different Histories

Clear-all-history on youtube

On the right side of the window, the history of videos watched is selected by default. You can, by selecting the other types of history, consult all of your activities on the online service.

Each type of history can be deleted. However, you must repeat the operation for each type of history. Select History, and at the bottom of the column, click Clear all watched video history. Repeat for other types of history.

3. Disable HistoryPause-search-history

Each type of history can be disabled. To do this, select a history type and click Pause History.

Going Through The Google Activity Manager

1. Go To My ActivityManage-all-activity

By clicking on the Manage All Activity option displayed Google my activity page. Google groups on a dedicated page all the tools to manage your personal data. From this page, Google My Activity, it’s also possible to control your history on YouTube.

From the Google My Activity homepage, click Google Account.Google-Account

2. Access YouTube History Options

In this window, click Data & Personalization in the left column. In the Activity Controls panel, click YouTube History.Youtube-history

3. Disable And Clear The HistoryManage-Activity

Then clear the YouTube History option and confirm by clicking Disable in the pop-up that appears.

The history is paused, but its content is still available and accessible if you are viewing it from YouTube. Then click Manage Activities.

In the next window, by clicking on the options menu displayed in the search field and represented by three small dots, choose to Delete Activity by.Delete-Activity

A pop-up should appear. Click All time and then Delete to validate the complete deletion of your history.

Select All- time
Select All- time

Finish by clicking on the OK button. Finally, the YouTube History page of the My Activity page should show that YouTube history is paused.

You can then, by going directly to YouTube and logging in to your account, verify that your history has been deleted.


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