How To Stop The Download Of Images In Gmail On iOS?

Gmail on iOS

Google has updated its Gmail app for iPhone and iPad. It now makes it possible to block the automatic downloading of the images at the opening of a message.

A few days ago, Google proposed an update of Gmail on iOS to disable the automatic download of images in emails received.

In addition to saving your data envelope, blocking the automatic download of images will also allow you to limit the hidden tracking used by some senders to collect information without your knowledge.

1Update Gmailgmail

To take advantage of this new feature, make sure the app is up-to-date on your device. The integration of this function is effective from version

2Enter The Settingsgmail ios block images

Open Gmail on your device, open the main menu and go to the App Settings. Select the account for which you want to block the automatic download of images, enter the Images menu and select the option Ask before displaying images ext.

3View Images In An Emailgmail ios disable images

From now on, when you open an email, no picture is displayed. To see the contents of a message in its entirety, you must manually download the images it contains by tapping Show Images at the top of the message.

Gmail will then repatriate all the distant images contained in the email. If the open message is from a trusted sender, you may want to choose Always show images from this sender.images in Gmail on iOS

Otherwise, and for the other messages received, it will be necessary, with each opening of a new mail, to click on the button allowing to download and to display the images in the message.


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