PowerToys: How To Use The FancyZones Window Manager In Windows 10


Microsoft has just unveiled the first two new-generation PowerToys. One of them, FancyZones, automatically manages the size and positioning of windows on the desktop. Here’s how to use it.

Last May, Microsoft announced its desire to revive PowerToys, small tools for Power Users to add new features to Windows 10, by creating an open-source project on Github. A few days ago, the Redmond office unveiled the first overview by publishing a first version with two PowerToys.

Among them, FancyZones, a tool to manage the organization of open windows on the screen. In practical terms, the tool displays a transparent template on your desktop, and automatically resizes and maintains windows in the areas where you position them. The number of zones, their size and positioning are fully configurable, to automatically position and resize open windows.

1Download The PowerToysPowerToys

First, download and install the PowerToys on your computer. The program currently includes only two modules but should be enhanced with new features in the coming weeks.

Download Microsoft PowerToys From GitHub (Free)

2Activate FancyZonesFancyZones

Launch the PowerToys application on your PC, and open the program configuration window by unfolding the hidden icon bar of the taskbar and clicking on the PowerToys icon.

In General, Settings, make sure that the FancyZones button is active.


You can now open the FancyZones window using the Windows+~ keyboard shortcut.

3Select And Customize An Existing TemplateFancyZones template

FancyZones offers several default organization templates. Select one and adjust the number of windows you need by pressing + or -.

At the bottom of the window, FancyZones proposes to display, or not, a margin of each zone, but also to define its size in pixels.

4Create A Custom TemplateFancyZone

If you want to create your own template, go to the Custom tab, click on Create new custom then on Edit selected layout. Then click + to add as many zones as necessary, move them and resize them according to your needs.

Then choose a name for your template and save it by clicking on Save and apply.

5Place Your Windows

Activate FancyZones using the Windows + ~ keyboard shortcut, select your template and open all the windows you will need on your workspace.

To add a window to space, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and then, with the mouse, move the window by holding the click on the top bar.

Once you release the click, the window is placed directly in the dedicated area and automatically resizes itself.

When all windows are correctly positioned, you can close the FancyZones configuration window until you need it again.


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