In the crisis, the Internet is rehabilitated and discredited equally

In the crisis, the Internet is rehabilitated and discredited equally

Klaus Brinkbäumer was most recently editor-in-chief of “Spiegel” and today works as an author for “Die Zeit” among others. You can reach him at or on Twitter at @ Brinkbaeumer .

– So if we now hide on the 30th floor from New York City : Who has the apples in front of us touched? Who baked the bread?

– Our times were fast enough and continue to accelerate: the instructions from this morning are worth nothing in the evening. What will life be like after the crisis: is the next virus coming?

Will Europe have learned to love borders? Will save the economy or is this the end of the financial system? Can construction aid be linked to the even bigger problem, climate protection?

– Or will rulers say: Slow down, everything has to be the way it was before. (The experience in the small, in the media world, makes me guess: exhaustion will prevail.) We expected the tremor of our world for 2030 at the end of 2019, with a little luck for 2040.

– Sentences that I have to write down before I can believe them: The most popular German politician is Markus Söder.

Background about the corona virus:

– Even more popular are two scientists, Christian Drosten in Germany and Anthony Fauci in the USA. The combination that has to be learned: to say what you know and to say what you do not know, both confident and reserved.

– On the other hand: Donald Trump never gave press conferences, but now every day. He wants to look as if he is in command without being in command. Why do media voluntarily broadcast propaganda live? Trump voters and Fox viewers consider Covid-19 to be less threatening than other Americans, and act accordingly. NBC reporter Peter Alexander asks what Trump has to say to the frightened people. Trump: “I say that you are a terrible reporter, I say that. I think that’s a very mean question. ”That this man’s term in office falls into a crisis that requires foresight, empathy, competence is common – by the virus god or whoever.

– On the other hand, rehabilitated: the internet, social media in particular. FaceTime morning coffee with your best friend, Igor Levits moonlight sonata , Online yoga, the soloists of the American Ballet Theater, who teach digitally: Connections stay warm in a creative way and, as was said earlier: reinvent themselves .

Tagesspiegel-Kolumnist Klaus Brinkbäumer.

Tagesspiegel columnist Klaus Brinkbäumer. Photo: Tobias Everke

– At the same time discredited: also the Internet. “Infodemic” is one of the words of the new times – so many lies. “The lack of precise information in the first few weeks was the oxygen for misinformation,” said Cristina Tardáguila, of the International Fact-Checking Network. Melissa Bailey advises journalists the website of the Nieman Foundation five things: repeating clear messages; the use of graphics and tables; anticipating our audience’s refusal to solve (i.e. rejecting uncomfortable consequences); therefore citing experts; the disclosure of our way of working.

[Coronavirus in Ihrem Kiez. In unseren Tagesspiegel-Bezirksnewslettern berichten wir über die Krise und die Auswirkungen auf Ihren Bezirk. Kostenlos und kompakt:]

– More words from these times: “Virus” (will something “go viral” again?); “Herd immunity”; “Outbreak”; “Basic reproduction number”, short: R0. How many people are infected? So far, two to three in the case of “Sars-CoV-2”. As long as R0 is greater than 1, the “pandemic” will continue to spread.

– The loss of control brings EU citizens those worries that migrants have known for a long time : If something happens to the parents in the now inaccessible distance … what then?

Angela Merkel (“It is serious. Take it seriously.”) Is not a good speaker and stops at the most important moment the best speech of her time as chancellor. Bismarck could speak outstandingly and found speeches untrustworthy. “I am a minister, diplomat and statesman and would consider myself offended if someone called me a speaker,” he said.

– The apartment on the 30th floor is now the place where the son takes the first free steps. The jubilation of the world explorer.


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