“Our existence is dramatically endangered”

“Our existence is dramatically endangered”

The representatives of more than 150 Berlin restaurants and restaurants have signed an open letter to the Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD). In the letter that the national association of hotels and restaurants (Dehoga) published on Monday morning, it is said that one knows how to appreciate what Müller and his colleagues in the Senate said about the corona crisis would afford. But you are already standing with your back against the wall. There are also several Michelin-starred restaurants in the list of signatories.

“Our existence is dramatically endangered, because without bookings and guests we look into empty cash registers and accounts the quiet rooms of our closed businesses and do not already know how we and our employees will get through the month, let alone how we will handle the upcoming rental and other payments of the new month, “it says literally in the letter. “If we don’t get help quickly and easily, many of our colleagues will not be able to hold out in April,” announce the restaurateurs.

Specifically, the operators want in principle the complete assumption of all damages and risks that arise from the corona crisis, namely, among other things, emergency aid, an emergency aid fund to meet liquidity bottlenecks, Immediate assumption of the gross salaries (full-time and part-time), immediate guarantees for rent and lease obligations, repayment of advance payments for tissue and corporate tax and a suspension of the insolvency application for one year.

Gastronomists offer to take care of the helpers

There is no “catch-up effect” in the catering trade, the signatories write to the Governing Mayor, the lost sales cannot be made up for. “Because the food or drink that we do not sell today, we will not be able to bring to the guest several times three months later.”

Coronavirus in Berlin

Der Zoologische Garten am 23. März - gespenstisch leer. Show more pictures

1 of 39 Photo: Odd Andersen / AFP today 17:30 The Zoological Garden on March 23rd – ghostly empty.

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The restaurateurs also agreed to help Berlin’s food service with food and supply drinks. These would probably never have been looked after so well. Among the signatories are gourmet restaurants such as that of celebrity chef Tim Raue, “Horváth”, “Nobelhart und Schmutzig” or “Rutz”, which has just been awarded three Michelin stars.

In the afternoon, Ramona Pop, the senator responsible for the economy, commented on the letter and pointed out that the Dehoga association had been in “close exchange” for weeks. “This situation is a tremendous challenge for all of us, not just for the catering trade. A joint effort by the federal and state governments is required to stabilize companies and jobs in this crisis.”

The Berlin Senate had already decided last week on its emergency aid package worth EUR 600 million. And it is good that the federal government is also taking its decisions this week. “However, the state will not be able to pay for lost profit expectations indefinitely,” said the senator.

Pop appeals to operators to also use their own options

Everyone Aid would now focus on minimizing or suspending running costs for businesses. For this purpose, the state of Berlin had suspended both the tax advance payments and tax deferrals free of interest.

“Companies rightly expect solidarity from taxpayers and society as a whole. But we also appeal to all companies to use their own options: use their own reserves, apply for loans from their bank and apply for short-time work benefits where necessary, “added Pop. We also ask landlords of commercial businesses to defer rental payments or, if in doubt, to waive such payments. “Nobody is helped if the stores are empty for months and years after the crisis.”


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