Stocks against the culinary camp freak

Stocks against the culinary camp freak

For all cases celery

Costs almost nothing, lasts forever and remains in the display when everything is others were hammered away. The celeriac is an all-rounder: As a quick soup (the recipe is here here ) with potatoes, apple juice and good broth, caramelized walnut kernels – a poem! Baked in the oven – a solid meat substitute. As a puree with potatoes and nut butter – a creamy-nutty side dish that almost steals the show from the main actor. You can even make an extract in the juicer, mix it with apple juice and offer it as a delicious drink to accompany vegetable dishes – it has everything your body needs. If you don’t want to do without haute cuisine: celery goes wonderfully well with truffles.
Where? Practically everywhere

Spicy salami

Photo: Kai Röger

It is a special moment when for the first time a salami of the exceptional Dutch sausage coated with white noble mold “ Worstmakers Brandt & Levie “tried. The facts: species-appropriate animal husbandry, stress-free slaughter, hot meat processing, from nose to tail, natural casings, our own spice mixtures, no flavor enhancers. The result: different types of salami, each of which tastes great. “Nature” – a declaration of love to the pig. “Fennel” – Greetings from Italy. Especially “Chipotle cocoa” – the sausage wonder of flavors. Nothing tastes good, everything serves the noble meat. Enjoy in little bites!
Where? e.g. Lüske – Echte Lebensmittel, Drakestr. 50, Lichterfelde

Fish in small cans

Photo: Felix Denk

“Hiddenseer Kutterfisch” delivers regional canned fish romance, an association of inshore fishermen from Rügen, who use resource-saving nets and theirs to conserve resources Make canned fish on site. It is practical for fishermen to have a product that lasts long and protects them from market fluctuations. Like when tourists stop coming, like now. The customer gets sustainably caught Baltic Sea fish that tastes incredibly good. For example, the tenderloin of beef tenderloin smoked with beech wood, soaked in vegetable oil with its own juice (190 grams, 3.95 euros). The cutter with which the herring was caught is shown on the packaging.
Where? From the simple the good, Invalidenstr. 155, Mitte or in the

Red like a tomato

Photo: Kai Röger

The story of “Amy’s Kitchen” sounds like an ecological fairy tale: The parents – they are called “Berliners”, come from Chicago, and you could describe them as hippiesk – cooked little things for friends and neighbors with ingredients from the own garden. Then Amy was born and, incidentally, the family business became a global supplier of frozen and convenience products. The high quality standard remained. You can’t make the tomato soup any better: sun-ripe aroma in every spoon, little spice, maybe a tad too much sugar. But it tastes incredibly tomato!

Where? Lüske – Real Food, Drakestr. 50, Lichterfelde, 411 grams, 3.49 euros

not fish not meat

Photo: i-stock

It is a classic from “Lindner” and has been equally delicious for years: Vitello Tonnato . It is freshly produced every day in the Lindner central kitchen in Lichterfelde, you can taste it. The veal – fillet cooked at 110 degrees for about three hours – comes from animal welfare. And, as she says, company spokeswoman Claudia Mehrl brought the basic recipe for the wonderfully creamy sauce from a vacation in Lombardy: light majo with 60 instead of 80 percent fat, the best tuna, a hint of lemon and the perfect spice mixture make up her aroma. Above all, no caper water is used, only the fruit is pureed with fish. Tastes guaranteed also to people who are not caper fans!
Where? Lindner food culture, 36 locations in Berlin,, new opening times!

Wine must be

The wine trade is in a double crisis: no orders from the catering trade and also the stationary trade can come to a standstill at any time. Holger Schwarz from “Viniculture” continues, sending his two drivers for deliveries, currently with no minimum order value. The bottles are selected on the website of the Charlottenburg shop, which specializes in unvarnished, natural wines. The wonderfully fresh Note di Bianco by winemaker Alessandro Viola, for example, takes you to Sicily, near Palermo. Made from the Grillo grape, it avoids all alcohol, exudes Mediterranean herbs and subtle lemon salinity. In front of the balcony – the sea.
Where? Viniculture, Grolmanstr. 44-45, Charlottenburg,, 15.90 euros

Rooster with Schwips

Photo: promo

To prepare Coq au Vin, you need leisure. Or you can take it in a glass: half a raised chicken, gently cooked with half a bottle of red wine, mushrooms, carrots, celery, onions, flavored with lemon, garlic, fennel, coriander, star anise, laurel, juniper, cardamom. One of many great dishes from the Saxon Gut Krauscha, a Bioland company out of conviction, which uses discarded laying hens from regional organic farmers, prepares them in their own kitchen, removes the meat from the bone by hand and has it stuck in thick pieces in the glass. Without flavor enhancer. A wonderfully untypical preserve dream.
Where? At Goldhahn & Sampson, e.g. Wilmersdorfer Str. 102/103, Charlottenburg, 630 grams 16.50 euros

The only true pizza

Photo: Kai Röger

Luisa Giannitti offers in her small delicatessen specialties from Naples: canned tomatoes, sauces, pickles, cedro and, of course, pizza dough. You can order it fresh from her every day by phone and pick it up in the shop. It stays frozen until the next winter, but it tastes best freshly baked: topped with canned tomatoes, anchovies and fine olives, that’s how you like it in Naples. In Prenzlauer Berg you can eat it with salami and ham or with excellent mozzarella and basil; Luisa also has all of this. If she currently has to close the shop, an off-door sale will probably be set up after pre-ordering. Then it’s best to order the handmade ravioli right away!
Luisa cooks, Danziger Str. 49, Prenzlauer Berg, Tel. 26 59 09 48th price: 3.50 Euro

Miso is bomb

With the Japanese fermented seasoning paste miso even the fattest vegetables can be turned into an umami bomb: glaze aubergines, fry green asparagus, brush grilled Jerusalem artichoke. It goes well with fish and even as a spaghetti sauce. How good that there is a proven miso expert in Berlin. In his manufactory in Wedding Miso, Markus Shimizu produces soybeans, roasted rice and barley and not only supplies top Berlin gastronomy. The best thing is: Miso lasts a long time. Always good to have a glass in the fridge. So there is no boredom in terms of taste.
Where? Mimi Ferments, Stephanstr. 24, Wedding. Web shop: 200 grams 8.90 euros

Cedro makes fun

Photo: Kai Röger

It looks like a huge, bulging lemon with dents , it consists almost entirely of a yellow skin and white subcutis. Italians know what they have in them, with us she is a shop keeper who still wants to be discovered. But cut thinly, marinated only with salt, pepper and olive oil, the Cedro results in a bitter-fruity carpaccio – just a taste. Because if you eighth them, squeeze the pieces tightly into a mason jar, pour them with lemon juice and brine and let them steep for four days, the whole thing results in a kind of salt lemon, with which you can spice things up: egg dishes, grilled dishes and even green cabbage gives them the extra Kick. A boredom killer!
Where? Wherever there are Mediterranean vegetables.

Wormwood against melancholy

Znaida Vermouth awakens the spirits because it tastes so good. It was conceived in the Winsviertel and bottled near Turin, where the triumphal march of fortified wines began in the late 19th century. Unlike its industrially manufactured counterparts, Znaida is not as sweet, it contains ten percent less sugar than usual, and 36 botanicals give it a lively herbal note. Its zesty grapefruit notes ensure a proper length. Vermouth is best drunk on ice, but can also be tasted with soda. If you like it bitter, you can mix a vermouth tonic in a ratio of one to four. So then, on health! fx

Where? Dr. Kochan , Immanuelkirchstr. 4, Prenzlauer Berg or, 0.75 liters at 18.90 euros


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