The government should largely paralyze Germany for three weeks

The government should largely paralyze Germany for three weeks

The National Academy of Sciences recommends an approximately three-week “Germany-wide temporary shutdown” due to the corona pandemic. This emerges from an ad hoc statement immediately before the Chancellor’s consultation with the Prime Ministers of the Länder on further restrictions on public life.

Die The National Academy of Leopoldina, as usual, puts it cautiously: It suggests that such a shutdown “with consistent spatial distance is recommended from a scientific point of view”. But overall the recommendation is very specific.

Necessary and health-preserving activities should continue to be possible, they say. “This would mean no ban on work, no ban on shopping for groceries and no prohibition on walks in the family circle”, is stated in a press release .

In addition, every effort should be directed to “making pharmaceutical interventions and protective measures available in public spaces”. In particular, “Capacities for testing suspected cases and immigrants should be available.”

Background about the corona virus:

Priority should be given to four protective measures “for particularly vulnerable and systemically relevant groups of people”. People who are treated on an outpatient or inpatient basis – despite isolation – would have to be provided with medication and bottlenecks prevented.

Nursing services, dialysis centers and other outpatient and inpatient facilities should be kept fit for work. The materials they need are to be ensured and incentives are created for their production.

A broad awareness campaign is missing

In the group of the most vulnerable, a (better) awareness of one’s own vulnerability must be created.

Telephone hotlines should be switched and digital advice and support should be offered. These could also “promote low-risk social and physical activities”. This is necessary in order to “counteract negative effects of spatial distance and quarantine”. Overall, a broad awareness campaign is needed.

The Leopoldina also makes a number of recommendations for the diagnosis and therapy of the coronavirus. For example, a central data platform should be developed – “for targeted and coordinated testing”.

Above all, there must now be more tests to prevent in particular “systemically important people” (e.g. medical Personnel) are repeatedly quarantined with non-infectious diseases.

The scientists also give politics a task during the shutdown “Preparations for the controlled and selective Start-up of public life and the economy “to meet”.

Prepare now for the time after the shutdown

It should be expected that the development of medication would take at least four to six months, that of a vaccine at least nine to 12 months, but the extensive decommissioning of public life could not be sustained over such a long period – because of the serious consequences Social and economic, but also possible negative physical and psychological consequences.

Finally, the Leopoldina demands to intensify research on the coronavirus and to “accelerate” the development of vaccines and medicines, both of which are also an appeal to the own ranks, since the responsible working group of the Leopoldina includes molecular biology and virologists, including the Charité virologist Christian Drosten.


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