The wondrous ignorance of the Swedes

The wondrous ignorance of the Swedes

Curfews, ban on contacts, rules on distance, company closures – Europe is fighting desperately against the corona virus. Only in Sweden have people been relatively calm given the sometimes dramatic situation in other countries.

And that, although there are now more than 1,763 infected people in the state in the far north with its good ten million inhabitants, 20 people (as of Sunday afternoon) died of Covid-19.

Medical experts appeared particularly blatant, that the country’s ski areas are still open and there were celebrations in the bars until the very end , where it is known that the Tyrolean ski area Ischgl is an epicenter of the pandemic. On the other side of the border, in Norway, the ski areas have long been orphaned. Norway has even banned its residents from going to their huts because medical assistance is not guaranteed there.

Up until now betting has been made in Sweden more on appeals than bans. The government of Social Democratic Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has taken measures to contain the infections, but they are rather moderate. Events with up to 500 people are still allowed and kindergartens and schools up to and including the ninth grade are open, as are the restaurants.

And while in Germany, for example, tourist trips even within the country EU citizens have so far been able to enter Sweden. The Swedish government also advises against traveling, but this has not been followed by many, as the full ski resorts show.

Die Regierung von Premier Stefan Löfven agierte bisher zurückhaltend.
The government of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has been cautious so far. Photo: Christian Hartmann / Reuters

The Swedes even ignore the advice of theirs Monarchs. King Carl XVI of Sweden Gustaf had called on the population on Wednesday to take responsibility together. “Now we all have to do everything in Sweden – you and me – to help,” said the 73-year-old after an extraordinary meeting with the cabinet.

Everyone should take the advice of the Hear authorities and avoid crowds. This applies particularly to older people. He and the Queen tried to follow this advice as much as possible. “Every time we show consideration and empathy, we help maintain the best in Sweden – for the good of Sweden,” said the king in the speech that was televised.

But prohibitions, so far the route of politics so far, would bring little. Acting moderately is the motto. “The most important thing we can do now is stay at home when we feel sick. We say that every day and will continue to do so as long as the epidemic continues, because that is the basis for everything we do, “said Anders Tegnell from the health authority. But now the insight seems to be gaining ground in the northern EU member state as well that more needs to be done.

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Apparently, however, more pressure was required the government. As the state broadcaster SVT reports, the ski region of Jamtland Harjedalen has asked the health authorities to impose stricter requirements, because especially at Easter a large number of tourists are expected.

From a medical point of view, the ski facilities should be be closed, said Sofia Leje of the medical service in Åre, a place within the ski area. You have to stop the flood of tourists and learn from the experiences of other ski resorts in Europe, where the infection would have spread. Apart from that, your medical staff could not cope with a huge rush of patients.

König Carl XVI. Gustaf von Schweden appellierte im TV an die Bürger.
King Carl XVI. Gustaf of Sweden appealed to the citizens on TV. Photo: Issei Kato / Reuters Pool / AP / dpa

Last weekend had celebrated hundreds of tourists in the clubs in Åre. The organizers assured that they would stick to the guidelines and that no more than 499 people would be admitted. Doctors and politicians had called for an end to the hustle and bustle. Now the massive criticism of the après-ski parties is having an effect. Several restaurants and clubs in the ski areas stopped operating at the weekend.

The websites of the night clubs “Bygget” and “After Skin” in Åre have been saying since Saturday: “Because the focus is on Fighting infections now because people do not gather indoors, we see no other measure than this. It is the hardest time that we and our industry have ever experienced. ”The nightclubs would also have closed in Sälen and Idre, according to Swedish television SVT on Saturday evening.

And like the station online reported, there are now further measures. An emergency clinic with intensive care beds is being built on the exhibition grounds in the capital, Stockholm. There are around 660 confirmed infections in the region of the capital so far, seven people died from the corona virus.

A speech to the nation by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven to the nation has now been announced for Sunday evening. It is said to be broadcast on state television, an extremely unusual measure in the Scandinavian country. It is quite possible that the everyday life of the Swedes will soon change massively.


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