This is how Germany's smallest professional location plans

This is how Germany's smallest professional location plans

Klaus Drengwitz is the man for all cases, at least for the Bundesliga soccer team SC Sand. Drengwitz maintains the website, speaks for the board, takes care of marketing, controlling, IT – and arranges the finances.

He is a jack-of-all-trades, one who plays a decisive role in the 2000-inhabitant village so that the well-known soccer players from the village can compete with the very big players in the industry.

Nothing is normal since Corona

In a normal season, the toughest tasks for Drengwitz ‘Sanderinnen are Bayern Munich or VfL Wolfsburg. But since Corona has brought the game to a standstill, nothing is normal in the southern Baden sand.

While in Wolfsburg, Munich, Hoffenheim, Freiburg or Leverkusen financially strong corporations, patrons or well-funded mother clubs, even in times of crisis To ensure liquidity, clubs like SC Sand have to finance their own survival. The smallest location in German professional football now also has to fight next to the grass of the domestic Orsay stadium.

“The corona virus is a serious cut. Women’s football is hit harder than men’s football because less money is available, ”says Drengwitz. “We will probably have to apply for short-time work,” he adds – and means all 24 Bundesliga players of the blue-whites.

The league is at least until April 19, six games are still outstanding the DFB Cup games from the quarter-finals. Also in this competition, in which the club reached the final in Cologne in 2016 and 2017 , sand could still earn money; Without a pandemic incident, the SC might have made a clear mandatory win on Sunday in the round of eight with Arminia Bielefeld in second division bottom and would now be in the semi-finals.

Sports facilities until June 15th

As is well known, the payday did not take place. The coaches of the twelve Bundesliga teams can currently only offer their players individual training programs. But that is currently only the smallest problem in sand.

“Three players are still abroad. We still have no solution as to whether and how they can return to Sand, ”says Drengwitz. Another question is whether this will be necessary this season.

In any case, hardly anyone believes that it could be played again after April 19, not even Drengwitz – especially since SC Sand has to observe the requirements of the state government of Baden-Württemberg.

Until 15. The green-black coalition led by Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Green) banned the operation of all public and private sports facilities and sports facilities. Only if the health situation allows, could the regulation be overturned earlier, according to Stuttgart.

Background information on the coronavirus:

Drengwitz is now planning defensively. “If you take the current state ordinance into account and there is no game operation by mid-June, we will lack at least 100,000 euros by then,” he says. That’s a lot of money for a middle-class club like SC Sand, which leads the second half of the table as rank seventh.

Somewhere between half a million and one million euros, the total budget in sand should move Official of a league competitor; Understandably, Drengwitz himself does not want to reveal exact numbers.

But he can reveal this much: “We may have to get by with a smaller squad next season and increasingly rely on players from the youth and the second team . “

It also depends on which sponsors will remain loyal to the club and to what extent. “One of our two largest donors has already made a commitment for the coming season. The other – a supplier from the automotive industry – is still undercover, ”Drengwitz calls the current status.

What will the stadium be called in the future?

Unclear is also what the Orsay Stadium with its distinctive sports field charm should be called from July 1st. The contract with the previous namesake expires, alternatives that are similarly solvent are welcome. However, the corona crisis does not make the search for an equivalent replacement easier.

Drengwitz still hopes for a good end, especially since there is reason to do so. “It is positive that the offices come towards us in terms of sales tax and social security contributions. There are good discussions going on, ”he says.

And the association also gives the impression on its website that things will go on somehow. A countdown at the top right of the screen is ticking hard for the next home game on April 26th. Then the sanders would like to welcome TSG Hoffenheim to the Baden derby. Or just to duel the smallest big football villages.


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