Tokyo organizers advise on three scenarios

Tokyo organizers advise on three scenarios

Yoshiro Mori, President of the Olympic Organizing Committee in Tokyo, has also had a long political career at the age of 82. So he was also Prime Minister of Japan from 2000 to 2001. Because he made some mistakes during this time, Mori was extremely unpopular. Political circles said that he had the heart of a flea and the brain of a shark.

On Monday, however, Mori showed at a press conference that he and his colleagues were aware of the current developments in the corona virus -Can not close the crisis – and the global pressure to postpone the summer Olympic Games. “We are not so stupid to host the Olympic Games as planned,” he said.

The costs for the hosts would be enormous

Japan too Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is now talking about a postponement. “It is difficult to hold games under these circumstances, we have to decide on a postponement, with the health of the athletes being the top priority,” said Abe. Only the International Olympic Committee (IOC) can make the final decision. And that has set itself a deadline of four weeks .

The Japanese signal in any case to move back from the summer date (July 24 to August 9). Mori emphasized that there could be no question of a cancellation. A shift to autumn, summer 2021 or even 2022 is conceivable. According to various experts, this would cost the host country up to 5.7 billion euros.

Also Thomas Bach spoke again on Monday. In an email to the athletes, the IOC President asked for understanding that a final decision about a date for the games would be premature. “I know that this unprecedented situation leaves many of your questions unanswered,” wrote the 66-year-old German. “I also know that this rational approach may not match the emotions that many of you have to go through.”

Many athletes are pushing for a faster one Decision and an end to the hanging game, like javelin Olympic champion Thomas Röhler. Four weeks is “a very, very long period,” he said in the “morning magazine” of ARD and ZDF. “We are currently working on making faster, more precise decisions,” emphasized Röhler, who is also a representative of athletes in the World Athletics Association. The world association is ready to postpone the World Cup, which was given to Eugene (USA) in 2021, if the Tokyo games are moved to next year.

Canada and Australia provide facts

Canada’s Olympic Committee, on the other hand, increased the pressure on the IOC significantly and announced that there was a posting this summer due to the coronavirus crisis from athletes. The Canadian Paralympic Committee also chose the Paralympics. The Australians also excluded participation at the original time. Norway had announced that it would only start at the Olympics after the pandemic ended.

The officials at the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) are also dissatisfied with the current uncertainty. DOSB President Alfons Hörmann had expected a clearer position from the IOC. They wanted “a clear statement that the games definitely cannot take place on the scheduled date and that they are now advising on possible alternatives,” said Hörmann. The German Disabled Sports Association (DBS) is also demanding that the Paralympics in Tokyo be postponed. “A decision on this must be made immediately,” said the DBS.

The DOSB will discuss its possible associations in a conference call with its specialist associations on Tuesday evening. In addition, a vote initiated by the DOSB of around 600 athletes qualified for the Olympics or potential candidates is running, whether they want to take part in the games as planned or take part in an alternative date. (with dpa)


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