Top 10 Animals Expected To Survive Climate Change


You know the drill: the planet is in trouble, the planet is in trouble, the Amazon is burning, species are disappearing at an incredible rate for climate change; in short, everything is going to hell… and it’s not about to get any better. If in recent decades we have not observed much change in the human being, there are animals a little livelier than us that have not waited for us to evolve. Maybe it’s time to recognize that we’re not so crazy in terms of quality.

10Impacts Of Climate Change On The Caterpillars

Impacts Of Climate Change On caterpillars
Photo by from Pexels

The caterpillars of the Netherlands… and therefore the titmice, and you will see how everything is linked thanks to “ecological interactions”. To make a long story short, because we’re not in It’ interests me either, in the Netherlands the caterpillars evolve more quickly each year, as spring arrives earlier.

As a result, chickadees eat the caterpillars when they appear and they lay their eggs earlier too, in short, they adapt to change. So, this species could survive if it also manages to withstand warmer temperatures by evolving accordingly in climate change.

9Effects Of Climate Change On The Corals

Impacts Of Climate Change On th Corals
Photo by Wikimedia Commons

So yes, they bleach when the water warms up, but according to a study by a laboratory in Samoa, it is even worse when they are immersed in cold water, 55% suffer from bleaching, compared to 20% in hot water, which is already far too much. So, scientists are not saying that there is nothing to be alarmed about with rising sea temperatures in climate change, but there are still some coral species that resist high temperatures and therefore have a long-term reproductive advantage in climate change.

Maybe we can continue to observe the fish at the beach. It’s a good thing the mask, tuba, fins combo makes us look good and it would be a shame to do without it.

8Climate Change Effects On The Salmon

Impacts Of Climate Change On th Salmon
Photo by Wikimedia Commons

In Alaska, some salmon populations are migrating about two weeks earlier than forty years ago. The instinct of reproduction is directly in their genes. And according to complicated calculations by scientists, early migrants are more likely to tolerate hot temperatures and thus survive in climate change. On the other hand, we do not know what they mean by “hot temperatures” but marine animals are the strongest. It’s easier to understand why Nemo managed to find his father.

7Impacts On The Tawny Owl

Impacts Of Climate Change On The Tawny Owl
Photo by Wikimedia Commons

The tawny owl’s coat is not related to age or sex but genes. White tawny owls can be distinguished from brown tawny owls and over the past thirty years or so in Europe, brown tawny owls have increased. According to the researchers, this makes sense because since there is less snow, the white tawny owl that camouflages itself in it thanks to its coat is becoming scarcer and gives way to the brown tawny owl that adapts better to the forests.

And at the same time increases its chances of survival and reproduction causes of climate change. And all this without even realizing it, like naturally all right. The tawny owl is the kind of animal that always knows how to dress for the evening.

6Impacts Of Climate Change On The Chamois

Impacts Of Climate Change On the Chamois
Photo by Wikimedia Commons

The alpine chamois that may replace Santa’s reindeer. So, finally a four-legged animal, we were starting to despair to see them in this top. Yet there are not so many stupid ones, but it’s not your Labrador, I’m sorry. As for our friends the alpine chamois, their body size has decreased by 25% over the past 40 years. So, the good news is that chamois adapt well to change instead of dying like crap. Well in real life, we’re not 100% sure they’re not going to die too, but we still wanted to put them in this top because chamois are cute and we hope they will survive within the climate change adaptation. Come on, chamois, don’t be such a whore.

5Impacts Of Climate Change On The Cockroach

Impacts Of Climate Change On the Cockroach
Photo by Wikimedia Commons

The animal that we would have liked to see disappear without blinking, in addition to mosquitoes and wasps. But it is a failure because small insect animals, also called pests in common parlance, have the best chance of survival. Cockroaches, for example, have survived Anything for several reasons. They protect themselves well, they have the size of an inch of the baby so it’s not very hard to hide eh, they eat everything, they are everywhere on the globe and resist heat very well. Here it is, it’s going to be nice the zoo in 2176 when there will only be insects to observe.

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4Impacts On The Blackbirds

Photo by publicdomainfiles

Since there is a lot of noise in the city, the species that communicate by a voice no longer hear each other. Of course, it is. So, these smart little blackbirds have increased the sound of their voices to cover the noise of the city.

Finita mocked the birds, it’s already the third in this top, but where are the elephants and sharks?

3Global Warming Impacts On The Crested Anolis

crested anole
Photo by pixnio

Used to climbing trees, these reptiles evolve to be able to climb on smoother surfaces, such as windows and concrete, thanks to their pads which become larger and have extra scales. As if that wasn’t enough to elect them the most banter animals in the galaxy and the universe, they can withstand high temperatures as well in impact of global warming.

2Impacts Of Climate Change On The Argentine Ant

Argentine Ant
Photo by Wikimedia Commons

This South American ant is so friendly that it collaborates with all species of ants in the world and forms giant super colonies with other ants, while the latter is much more sectarian and prefer to stay between them.

In passing, Argentine ants still exterminate other ants and sneak in everywhere, even in Europe.

1Impacts Of Climate Change On The New York Mice

The New York Mice
Photp by flickr

The Mice adapt to local New York cuisine, i. e. pizza, fast food, and have evolved genetically to absorb this very healthy diet. We are not forbidden to think that if the Paris mice continue to ingest leftovers of mixed sandwiches they will turn into little Ratatouille and in the end, they will save us from fast food by taking control of all the clerks in the city.


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