Top 10 Large Pdfs That Benefit Most From Global Warming

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Global warming will change the world as we have known it. There will be displaced people from all over, cities invaded underwater, hot summers and very cold winters and we will all die. Finally, not all of them, since the announced disaster has also created juicy markets that some do not hesitate to occupy to make money.

10Iceberg Hunters

global warming
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Melting icebergs is the business of some companies in disaster of global warming, including Edward Kean, an iceberg hunter who collects water from their melting in the Arctic and bottles it and sells it at prices up to ten times higher than those of the usual brands. Because iceberg water interests the rich who lend it, we are not sure which miraculous virtues.

9Arctic Tourism

Arctic Tourism - global warming
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The melting of the ice has also opened up new shipping routes within the Arctic Circle in global warming. Even before the industry and transport, it was the tourism companies that seized it to offer Arctic and Antarctic cruises. In this respect, the Norwegians and the Monaco luxury shipping company Silverseas are pioneers.


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The first private weather forecasting company is working on climate change to recover contracts that had previously belonged to public bodies. In 5 years, since its acquisition by a major American group, MeteoGroup has increased its turnover five-fold and hopes that this will continue in this direction in disaster of global warming.

7Specialized Insurance

Specialized Insurers
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Insurance companies have flourished especially on climate risks. This is the case, for example, of Meteo Protect, an insurer that covers certain energy suppliers against the loss of income due to a too mild winter, for example. Or how to make money off people’s fears in disaster of global warming.

6The Russians

global warming
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The sea routes freed by the melting ice are the business of the Russians, who have been operating since early 2010 a route linking North Asia to Northern Europe, which until then had been impassable. The Russian transit of cargo ships also allows the federation to charge a right of way to European and American companies that wish to use this route, much as they would with a private channel. Soon, the possibility of a seaway becoming exploitable between Siberia and Alaska will also attract all kinds of interest.

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5Oil Companies

Oil Companies
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Greenland has huge oil and mining reserves whose extraction is currently not profitable for the multinationals that have invaded the Arctic land. This could change with the melting of the ice, which would make the installation of oil platforms much less expensive and above all more profitable once the oil becomes a scarce commodity.

4The Pharmaceutical Industry

global warming
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Some of the pharmaceutical industry is counting on global warming to significantly increase the number of epidemics and pandemics in the coming years. These are all health phenomena that will require the availability of medicines and vaccines in record time. The pharmaceutical industries will be in a strong position to face governments.

3Arable Land Investors

arable land
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Many investment funds are counting on the scarcity of water or arable land resources to make money. Many companies are buying huge tracts of land with the idea of selling them later in the middle of the crisis. The notion of environmental protection is totally outside the equation.

2Manufacturers Of Artificial Snow

global warming
Manufacturers Of Artificial Snow

There are new technologies that have emerged in recent years to compensate for the lack of snow in winter ski resorts. Whereas, until now, it has been impossible to cover a runway with snow at positive temperatures, the Israeli company IDE offers artificial snow solutions to allow skiing even in summer. A huge market for luxury resorts.

1Air Conditioning Industries

Air Conditioning Industires
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It is estimated that by 2050, the number of air conditioning systems will triple. A very lucrative market that is, therefore, developing in countries that were previously not very concerned, whose ocean climate is changing rapidly. At present, air conditioning already accounts for 20% of the world’s energy expenditure on buildings and this figure could rise to 45% in a country like India. But otherwise, some people continue to discuss the veracity of the phenomenon.


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