Top 10 Most Popular Cat Names In 2019, Only Love And Fantasy


Tired of the tops on the most popular cat names in 2019? Here we give visibility to what really matters: the first names of the most given cats in 2019. And as much for the kids, you are a little traditional and boring, as much for the cats you respect absolutely nothing. Welcome to the world of Teletubbies, only love and good feeling.


It is easy to assume that cats called Pearl are females with long, white hair. We imagine Pearl licking her paws delicately with the grace and delicacy of Catherine Deneuve in Donkey Skin. We still wish him a better fate… than Donkey Skin, eh, because Catherine Deneuve is fine cat names.


Some people have abused La Casa de Papel a little bit, the original idea is cool but good on a pet that spends its time sleeping, eating and pooping, it doesn’t do it as well. Maybe it’ll make your cat want to rob. Indeed, the 50 euros croquettes for sterilized cats with tiger coats, pink pads, and 5cm moustache are a little expensive.


The first name of cat owners who want to give themselves a little consistency because culture makes them classy and sexy, like “my soul contains treasures of thoughts and mystery, learning to discover me is discovering the intrinsic value of life”. They like Puff Daddy but it didn’t feel so good.

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They are the same people who like to say that their cat is “a real little feline” and that if Tigger were the size of a tiger it would be terrifying. Yes, but Tigger is a 5.7 kg cat that struggles to drag itself from the couch to the living room table so for the terror we will come back.


It smells like the owner of a cat in need of affection who has placed all his needs for tenderness in the person of Caline.


A cat = a ball of wool = a pompom. Creatively speaking, it’s almost genius, but for your defense, a cheerleader is cute. It’s pretty because it’s all-round, very soft, you want to dive into a bathtub filled with pom-poms like you want to snuggle up against your cat. So, it has a certain consistency.

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Because a cat inspires joy and happiness, a bit like a birthday party with sharp hats and confetti. Glitter is a name of hope that symbolizes the triumphant arrival of an animal. To have real glitter in your life because apparently, you can’t count on Kevin.


We’re on a cat owner of the same type as Picasso’s. He wants to give himself a little intellectual look except that his thing is astrology. But can we tell people who are passionate about astrology that it makes it look like anything but smart? It would be a great service to them.


You’re burned out Riverdale fans. You binge-watched the show on Netflix and you’re a big Archie fan that you find as a mimic as wild so obviously when you had a red cat you couldn’t stop yourself from falling for it. Well done.


Toffee, we imagine a good old big old cat rather than a young cat breathing health. Because caramel is big, it’s soft, it’s not a candy that inspires dynamism. On the other hand, we can see very good caramel on a red checkered blanket perched on a rocking chair near a corner of a fireplace. Yes, we envy a little Toffee.


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