Top 10 Proofs That Carcassonne Is A Perfect City, A Little Gem Of The South

Photos by Creative Common (Wikimedia)

The Carcassonne is a perfect city as we have just passed winter time and we are already tired of the greyness, we will move the loaves to the south. No, we’re not talking about Brive-la-Gaillarde, but the real South, the one at the bottom of the map. There is a small town that meets all the conditions to avoid depression.

10 His City Is Phew

Photos by Creative Commons (flickr)

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of the must-see places before slamming. So yes, its restoration by Viollet-le-Duc has been criticized, but still, we have a city that is still standing, with its 52 towers to stand guard. Not in real life 52 maybe a little much today, who wants to attack Carcassonne?

09 His Basilica Is UniqueSaint-Nazaire church in Carcassonne

Precisely, as we talk about the city, we have to talk about the Saint-Nazaire church. Even before Viollet-le-Duc came to make bizarre renovations, it already had a peculiarity: its older parts were built in a Romanesque style in the twelfth century, and it was enlarged in a Gothic style two centuries later. And there, no need to go to Mass every Sunday to see that it still has the mouth.

08 Wine Is Made

red wine
Photos by Creative Common (Pixabay)

Carcassonne has its wine lands, and that’s good news. If a city makes red wine, that means we can always find a bottle on its way, and that means that it’s a perfect city. This reasoning has been approved by Gege, a pillar of the counter for 27 years.

07 The Canal Du Midi Smashes All The Other Rivers

Photos by Creative Common (Flickr)

We have perhaps just invented it, this rivalry between rivers, but it does not matter: The Canal du Midi is one of the elements that make Carcassonne perfect. Already, it was crazy to make this channel in the seventeenth century, and it’s more mouth. What more is needed?

06 It’s A Rugby Town

Photos by Creative Common (Wikimedia)

Carcassonne is the last of Pro D2 at the time of writing these lines, but the important thing is to participate eh? And then it always gives the opportunity to party and goes to drink shots watching the matches. That’s the real spirit of rugby.

05 We Eat Cassoulet

Photos by Creative Common (Flickr)

Three cities have always fought for who invented the cassoulet: Toulouse, Castelnaudary, and Carcassonne. But we do not care about quarrels, and in any case, each city has its variant of the dish, with different meats. The main thing is there: in Carcassonne, we can fill the belly with a good cassoulet (and a glass of red wine, we do not forget.)

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04 It’s Right Next To The Sea And The Mountain

carcassonne beach
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No more debate between those who prefer the beach and those who are more adept at hiking. In Carcassonne, one can get the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean on the same day (it does not have much interest but it is possible.) Who says better? Perpignan? We do not know.

03 The Bugarach Peak Is Not Far

Bugarach-Peak in Carcassonne
Photos by Creative Common (Flickr)

For those who remember, the day when the end of the world will come, those who will be at Bugarach Peak will be spared. So, we do not know about you, but we prefer to be in the corner just in case. After if you want to die crushed by meteorites or flushed with swarms of locusts, it’s your problem, you will not complain.

02 The Castles Of The Cathar Country Smash Everything

The castles of the Catha
Photos by Creative Common (Wikimedia)

Due in part to small squabbles with the Spanish during history, the surroundings of Carcassonne are filled with castles that impose in the middle of the relief. We would see some dragons that would not surprise anyone (except the stupid who do not believe in dragons, of course.)

01 It’s Neither West Nor East

Photos by Creative Common (Wikimedia)

As we know that it is always the head between South West and South East, we decided to choose Carcassonne. Because even if it’s not too far from Toulouse, we do not take sides. Anyway, what good to take advantage of when you are the best city in France? In addition, it is near Montreal, you swear.


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