Top 10 Scary Halloween Horror Stories That Actually Happened


Most amazing fam Halloween’ can be a super fun time. There are candy costumes and general shenanigans and I am a huge fan but we do have to remember safety first a lot can happen on hallows eve including what I have for you today. Now you’ve seen the title you know I have top 10 scary Halloween horror stories that happened. So, let’s jump right in at number.

10 Costume SwitchupHalloween

We have costume switch-up this story comes from let’s read underscore YouTube on Reddit and this user says this experience happened to him years ago when a couple of buddies in him went to a neighborhood party. It was a great party a bunch of people. All in costume and his friend Danny had what he said was a pretty convincing Michael Myers costume.

The whole group was having a great time at the party but it was enough of a banger that after a couple of hours the police showed up to slowly shut the party down. The group of guys decided they wanted to keep the party going and went to the nearest licensed establishment for some booze. When they were there the narrator of the story sees that Danny’s fake knife in his Michael Myers costume doesn’t look.

So fake anymore and so he grabs it from his hand thinking his friend decided to get a little too in character and decided to borrow a knife from the host party but then his phone rings and the person on the phone is Danny. He hears Danny’s voice on the other end of the line asking where the group went and he realizes that this Michael Myers isn’t Hayes Michael Myers. Luckily the group chases the creepy stranger away but please all of you better be double-checking to make sure that your friends are your friends especially when they’re wearing masks.

09 Zombie Grudgehalloween

Zombie grudge local haunted houses sometimes bring in locals to be the actors, which can sometimes lead to an extra-special scare. If they aren’t your biggest fan Reddit user killer orange cat had an experience like this. He was going through one with his friends putting on a brave face for the monsters because he knew they weren’t allowed to touch him. Which is typically policy unless you sign a special waiver but there was this zombie in the fourth room a room.

He went into alone and the zombie kept getting closer and closer to him until the zombie grabbed him and slammed him against the wall and said his name. It was you realize it was a guy he knew named Richard that didn’t like him. Richard held up a knife to his neck and said that no one would hear him and then it looked like he was gonna stab him in the chest. Richard did hit him but it was with the hilt of the blade and left no mark on him but it was enough of a scare.

There were no witnesses so Ricky did end up getting away with it. So, I’m already deterred from haunted houses. So just be wary of local ones because of the actors. If you have any grudges might be people you know but not everyone gets just a scare in a haunted house. So, buckle yourself up for the next few here is a warning of possible suicide both accidental and intentional for the next three numbers.

08 Not A DecorationHalloween

During Halloween in 2005 citizens of Fredericka Delaware thought there was a remarkably accurate decoration in their neighborhood it was a body hanging from a tree around 7:30 a.m… People began to notice it but dismissed. It as a Halloween prank one hour passed then another and then close to 11:00 a.m.

The neighbors realized the body wasn’t propped authorities were called to the scene and it was identified as the body of a 42-year-old woman. So, for many reasons don’t use decorations that appear to be hangings it’s not cool and in 1990 there were two unfortunate deaths during Halloween due to accident or mistake.

07 A Haunted House Brings HorrorHaunted-House

At a Halloween party, a group of friends was staging a haunted house in their basement a fun idea. In general, there were fake spiderwebs and plastic bats decorating an aunt’s house. William Anthony Odom at age 15 was staging a gallows scene during these authorities said the noose tightened around his neck somehow and he passed away.

If you would like to do a haunted house there are other things you can stage and if this first story from 1990 won’t deter you to do something like hanging hopefully. A second one might the second unfortunate passing from 1990.

06 Halloween HellrideHalloween

Ocean haunted hayrides incorporated in new jersey ran hay rides featuring costume performers. There were different scenes for the riders of the hayride to take in you know going through one of these scenes was hanging scene where a 17-year-old actor named Brian Jewell was hung. Without the proper rope going around his neck and then he would say a haunting speech on one of the rides.

The driver noticed the hunting speech wasn’t being said and stopped to check on the boy but it was too late. Brian was hung for real with the noose around his neck and police said the death appeared to be accidental. So, know your rights when it comes to working safety, please. So now I’ve shown you two different instances of fatal mistakes from staged hangings. So, don’t do it safety first and speaking of safety don’t do what this person did.

05 Run-In With A VampireHalloween

Reddit user killer orange cat used to like to pretend he was a vampire. He says I just need you to know that because of the context. Now when he was 17, he was trying to get into a bar and they wouldn’t let him in. So, he was sulking his way out and this other guy noticed he was looking upset. Now my first warning to you about this story is to be wary of strangers just to let you know.

So, this random guy from the line got them beers apparently, also seeming to be a vampire enthusiast and the two of them began drinking in a graveyard. Now underage drinking that’s a no-no and to do that with a stranger in a graveyard maybe isn’t the best idea anyway. So, after getting tipsy by the tombstones this Reddit user gets up and stumbles and hits his head on a headstone and knocks himself.

When the sky wakes up not only is his head stinging but his left wrist is too and the stranger. He met looks like he’d cut his arm and is drinking his blood. So, the dude passes out again and then comes to and the mysterious vampire’s guy is gone and there’s a cloth tied around his wrist. So just take from that story what you will as I should be thinking. You were taking away safety first stranger danger be careful.

04 The Mystery Man With A Chain


This one comes from John has stories on Reddit he was only 5 years old when it happened on Halloween day. His mom noticed a man in a mask walk around swinging a chain, no other children around there was no apparent reason for it other than possibly a costume on Halloween. If I decided to go out for a walk on Halloween, I may wear a mask. You know to get into character or I would hold a chain, maybe they like to lock up a bike or something but both its kind of seems a little creepy and they were getting the same vibe.

So anyways his mom had seen this guy in a mask wanting a change ring the day and that night while the little five-year-old boy was trying to sleep. He hears scratching and banging on his window. It kept happening until it faded and then there was nothing it turns out that nothing came out of it but what or who had been making that noise. John has story says it still scares him too about what it could have been because they had no reasonable explanation at the time.

03 Wrong HouseHalloween

On Halloween in 1992 Yoshihiro Hitori was going to a house party with his friend Webb haymaker and they were both on an exchange, so they’re hoping for a fun time. They were in Baton Rouge Louisiana and they were looking for a house in the country, which was supposed to be the address for the party thinking they’d arrived at the right house.

They made their way to the front door after trying to get in and knocking on the front door. They had no response and decided to try to get in through the back thinking that might be the right way into the party but the thing was it wasn’t the right house, and unfortunately, it was a fatal mistake.

Rodney appears the homeowner thought the people trying to get into his house were burglars and shot Yoshihiro the 16-year-old exchange student died. So be careful which houses you are approaching next is another instance where you should be on the lookout during a night of trick-or-treating warning that this one mentioned sexual assault.

02 A Parent’s NightmareHalloween

On Halloween, in 2009 three teenage girls were out for a night of trick-or-treating expecting to Jesco door to door for candy. Their night took a turn for the worst in Woodbridge Virginia a man by the name of Aaron Thomas threatened the girls with a gun before sexually assaulting.

Two of them during this the third girl called her mom once she found an instance to use her phone and this caused Thomas to flee. Two years later he was caught but that night is enough to scare anyone away from wanting to go trick-or-treating again. So, I recommend walking with a parent if you’re going trick-or-treating it’s what I like to do at least for a bit.

01 Vengeance In The Valley


In Napa Valley on Halloween in 2004 three housemates Leslie Adrienne and Lauren were handing out candy to trick-or-treaters that evening then they all went to sleep at 2:00 a.m. Lauren woke after hearing Adrienne scream so she ran outside but then heard screams again so she ran back in once. She was back inside. She saw that both of her friends had been stabbed. She called the police but her friends, unfortunately, didn’t make it turns out.

Adrienne’s best friend’s Fiancee didn’t like how close Adrienne and her best friend were Eric Copple. The Fiancee an alleged murderer was jealous and took it out in the worst way possible. If you are full of a lot of feelings, please find someone to talk to because it helps and safety first is what I’m taking away from all of these stories. So just be on the lookout be safe happy Halloween but like be safe and that’s all I have for you.


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