Top 10 Snake With A Strange Look

Long nosed Tree Snake

Today there are around 3,000 different types of disasters on our planet. Some look like they are straight from the dinosaurs’ time. But make no mistake, they have adapted to changing ecosystems. On holiday in more Southern countries or even in faraway places, they may sometimes pass by. You will be surprised at the list that we have collected for you here. Admire this beautiful natural beauty. Here are the 10 most bizarre snakes ever.

10Elephant Trunk Snake

Elephant trunk snake

This snake lives in Indonesia and on the west coast of Malaysia. She survives in salt and brackish water. On rare occasions, she lands, but there she is slow, and therefore easy prey for other predators. Special about this snake is its wrinkled skin. Her whole body has irregular, bumpy scales. It looks a bit like the trunk of an elephant. This irregular skin also helps to catch food in the water. She also seems to have a surplus of skin. That is why this animal is sometimes called a “bag snake.”

9Tentacled Snake

Tentacled Snake

This gray-brown water hammer lives mainly in Southeast Asia. It becomes approximately 70 cm long. Her skin is often covered with algae. She has rather strange tentacles on her head. These protrusions ensure that she can detect movements in the water around her. Some theories also claim that the tentacles serve as an imitation of the shoots of a plant. The snake looks like a branch in the water and can be used as a shelter for other small aquatic animals on the water bottom. They are not safe for long but serve as a tasty lunch or dinner for this animal.



This little black snake spends most of its life underground, just like a mole. The animal lives mainly in Africa. This species has not been studied much. They like small prey such as rodents, birds, lizards, frogs, and ants.

7Tiger Keelback

Tiger Keelback

Tiger Keelback or also known under its scientific name the Rhabdophis tigrinus. This is a Japanese water battle that lives mainly in Asia. This snake is quite small, it is the exceptions that become a meter long. They are very timid in nature. This snake could also be turned into a beautiful bag: admire its bright green, red, beige (on the belly) and black snake scales. The favorite menu: frogs and toads. This species is considered relatively harmless, although there is also a report of someone who has died from a bite of this animal.

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6Sea Snakes

Sea snake

Did you know that there are 62 different species of sea snakes? They live underwater most of their lives. They occur in all oceans except the Atlantic. Most species grow to around one meter in length. Some can grow up to three meters. Some species come ashore to lay their eggs, while others give birth to their little ones in the water. They mainly feed on fish, crustaceans, and squids. Phew, luckily, they don’t like people.

5Horned Vipers

Horned vipers

This fine animal can be found in the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East. They are relatively small (30 to 60 cm), but stand out because of the strange horns on their heads. This animal is mainly active at night, so it avoids the great heat of the desert during the day. When they are hungry, they hide under the sand and when the prey passes, they bite it lightning fast. They can also produce a strange sound: in doing so they brush their keeled scales together. If you are bitten as a person, you will not feel well, but the bite is not deadly.

4Long Nose Tree Snake

Long nosed Tree Snake

Its scientific name is the Ahaetulla nasuta. This animal also lives in Southeast Asia. Typical of this special snake are the long nose, a long narrow body and tail, the bright green color and the skin that resembles a green leaf in structure. Be careful with this green leaf: it can attack its prey with incredible speed and accuracy and is also neurotoxic.

3Madagascar Leaf Nose Snake

Madagascar Leaf Nose Snake

Also known as the Langaha Nasuta. This species is one of the most bizarre reptiles in our world. The males and females both have a horn-like muzzle. Do you want to be able to tell them apart? The females are leaf-shaped, the male’s protruding outside. The animals have adapted to eat lizards so easily. They think that is the tastiest food in the world. The langaha nasuta can be as long as one meter. In general, they are calm animals that only attack if they are provoked. Their poison is not deadly, but a painful experience if you come into contact with it.

2The Atheris Hispida

The name to write a horror story about, isn’t it? Fortunately, this animal only lives in Africa. They are about 70 cm long and their skin is scaly, a bit spiky. The male is rather yellow-green, the female olive-brown in color. You could make a beautiful bag out of it, we think. Another fact: that animal is egg-alive. That means that the baby snakes are born alive.

1Flying Snake

flying snake

Five different species of flying tree beats live there. Despite their name, they don’t actually fly. Logical, they have no wings. They float through the air. They jump from one tree to the other, using their bodies. They spread their ribs and pull their stomachs. If they are threatened, they will launch from a high point. If that fails, they will bite you.


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