Top 10 Things You’ll Learn In Internship Not In Class


Doing an internship or an internship is an adventure in its own right. You will learn a lot of things that are very different from the courses and that will train you and help you define your professional project. Still it is necessary to find a mission and a box that correspond to you, otherwise 6 months, it will be very, very long… … We’re giving you a little help: Danone recruits interns and alternates in all fields: whether you’re in engineering school, university, or business school… read these few tips, and prepare your best application!

10You’ll Have Another Form Of Recognition Than Notes On A Report Card

Form Of Recognition
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Because having notes is cool, but it’s still a number on a piece of paper (or a number if you screwed up your last assignment). Remember your math average when you were in eighth grade? No? It’s normal, it hasn’t changed anyone’s life, not even yours.

But achieving something cool in the job is rather rewarding, especially if it’s the development of an eco-responsible packaging. The most fun in all this is still your team, which welcomes you as a hero and gives you “good work” with a wink.

9Know The Difference Between Theory And Practice

Theory And Practice
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You will always be in real working conditions, and you will finally know the difference between theory and practice. The theory you know (well, in theory, you know it if you have done your classes well what) and that’s good. But putting all this to practice is even better.

It will shape your mind and body. For example, you will be the one who knows how to put a hypertext link in his or her email rather than copy and paste a very long and ugly link.

8You’re Going To Learn Work With Colleagues Over 30

Work With Colleagues
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And you’re young, well, younger than 30. Some of them have been there since before you were born, they helped create the box, they fought for self-fries on Fridays and ESPECIALLY: they know everyone and know exactly where to turn when you need help.

7You’re Gonna Stop Being Late

Stop Being Late
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When you get late in class, it goes well. I mean, don’t do it too much. On the other hand, if you arrive 30 minutes late for your internship, it’s a not good time for you. You get cold looks (like -4°C) and your boss makes you miserable. So yes, you’re going to stop being late, okay?

6You Will Work As A Team With Competent People

Work With Colleagues
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Because let’s face it, when you’re doing group work in class, there’s always one or two of them hiding and doing nothing. During your internship, or in alternation, you won’t be able to hide. And you’ll see, it’ll be nice to work with people who know things.

5You’ll Learn From Mistakes, And It’s Not Bad

Learn From Mistakes
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No one is perfect. No one. So yes, you will make mistakes, mistakes, omissions. And that’s all right. I mean, as long as you don’t blow up a factory. It is by making mistakes that we learn. So, make a mistake, you’re allowed to.

4You’re Going To Learn Laugh At Your Boss Jokes

laugh In-front of your boss
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Your boss is this well-dressed person who makes rotten jokes. And since you work for him and he hired you, you’ll have to laugh. It’s the rule, the law, it’s enshrined in the charter of corporate survival, and you can try to play a little engineering joke on him, to see if he has the ref: f and f’ are in a boat, f falls into the water, what does f” do? He’s drifting!

3You’re Going To Learn Things That Will Serve You For The Rest Of Your Life

Learn Things and rest of your life
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Imagine, you’re doing an internship in the agri-food industry. Well, then you’ll know where that yogurt came from when your roommate stole you from the fridge. And before you tackle him on the ground to get your property back, you can explain where the food comes from. So, he will love you and finally do the dishes.

2You’ll Be Able To Take Initiatives

Take Initiatives
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In class quite a lot, you have to follow what the teacher says. But when you work, you have the opportunity to set up projects that are close to your heart, and which of course make sense. For example, do you see the new topic that targets young people and on which your colleague is not very comfortable? Well, thanks to your knowledge on the subject and especially your age, you will be the best placed to make this project come alive!

1You’re Gonna Have A Real Office Chair

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And not an old chair with four legs. Now we’re talking about a real padded chair with wheels, so you can drive to your buddy’s trainee’s office and say: “this lunchtime, pad Thai or sushi?”

If you too want to join the food revolution and work with passionate and exciting teams, know that Danone recruits’ interns and alternates in all professions, you will surely find your happiness there.


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