What Is The CTR In Google Search Console?

Google Search Console

Setting The CTR In Google Search Console

The Search Analysis report provides information about how your site (or mobile application) appears on Google’s search results pages (SERP). By default:

  • It concerns all the pages of your site (in any case the “site” declared in Google Search Console (GSC), it can be a subdomain or even a directory)
  • It concerns all countries but you can restrict it to certain countries (where Google users are geolocated)
  • It concerns all devices but you can filter fixed computers, tablets or mobiles
  • All types of searches are taken into account but you can restrict to web, images, Google videos

By clicking on “CTR” at the top, GSC indicates the Click Through Rate.

Each time your site (or app) has been displayed in search results, there is a new “impression”. And every time the user clicks to get to your site (or app), it’s one click.

If a data line does not contain any printouts, the CTR cannot be calculated and in this case, Google displays a dash (-).

How To Use The CTR To Improve Its Referencing?

Start by grouping by requests, then identify those where you have many impressions but a low CTR. To increase the click rate, work on your title tag, your meta description and all your content.

Data Grouping By Page Or Site

Be careful, if you ever group by page, there is an impact on the calculation of the PRL. If you group, filter, or compare by page, all the statistics contained in the report are grouped by page (otherwise it is grouped by site). In this case:

  • For impressions, if a site appears twice on a search results page when grouped by site, it is considered as a single impression. In the case of grouping by page, each single page is counted separately.
  • For clicks, in the case of grouping by site, if a site appears twice in search results and the user clicks on one link, goes back, then clicks on the other link, it counts as a single click, since the final destination is the same site.

How Google Counts Clicks For The Search Console?

Clicks are only counted when they direct the user to your property. They are not counted when they redirect to search results. For example:

  • A click on an image in web search results is not counted as a click. Clicks on images are only counted when they return to the site (for example, clicks on an image or on the “View page” link in the image search). A click on an image in the web search usually returns the user to the search for images with the enlarged image, which is not counted as a click.
  • Clicks that redirect to other search features such as most Knowledge Graph clicks are not counted in the report.
  • For applications, impressions and clicks are only counted for your property if the link displayed in the results opens your application on the user’s device. They are not counted if the displayed link leads to the website or to a result such as “Install the application”.


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