9 Best Gaming Keyboards In 2019?

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Like gamer mice, there is no longer any doubt today that you need a decent keyboard to shine in your favorite video games.

In addition to the performance of this device, particularly thanks to the integration of new technologies, a keyboard must above all be comfortable and adapt to your needs in terms of design and ergonomics, as well as the behavior of its contractors. This is why we offer you here a heterogeneous selection of gamer keyboards, all meeting quality and performance criteria that make them suitable for use at a sustained pace, which is not always the case with “office” keyboards. If it is not always easy to choose the jungle of keyboards and other switches, we give you here some tracks with keyboards as well mechanical as membrane, tenkeyless, compact or not, with a worked or minimalist aestheticism, to find the right shoe for your foot.

It would have been unreasonable to approach this selection of devices only through restricted criteria. This is why we have divided this selection into two parts: mechanical gamers keyboard/membrane gamer keyboards with, at the end of the article, choice elements to answer the eternal question: should we necessarily opt for a mechanical gamer keyboard?

Finally, for greater clarity, the keyboards in our selection have been classified by the tariff in ascending order. You will, therefore, find for each of the two categories the cheapest keyboards first, to finish on keyboards that flirt with the very high end. The cheapest keyboards were selected for their quality/price ratio, while the top-of-the-range models were selected for their excellent performance and finishes.

The Best Mechanical Gamer Keyboards

9Spirit Of Gamer Xpert-K500gaming keyboard

Spirit of Gamer is a brand that enjoys a very good reputation in the gaming world. For good reason: the French manufacturer generally offers quality peripherals at very affordable prices.

Although this Xpert-K500 keyboard appeared on the market in 2017 with the K-600 and K-700, it is still one of the best quality/price ratios on the market today. However, it should be noted that with a price of only 49 €, the Xpert-K500 is satisfied with the minimum trade union price, with some surprises!

Spirit Of Gamer Xpert-K500: The Meca Keyboard At A Low Price

Is it possible to find a gamer keyboard with mechanical switches of good quality and without breaking the bank? In any case, this is the objective of Spirit of Gamer with its range of Xpert keyboards, which is difficult to find better today, at least in this price range.

Equipped with Victory 500 Brown switches that offer very good responsiveness, this Xpert-K500 also carries some surprises despite its relatively low price. We find features that are essential for many gamers, which is particularly the case with the 11 multimedia keys, the disable Windows key, but especially with the full anti-ghosting system which gives the possibility to switch from 6 simultaneous keys (6KRO) to all the keys of the keyboard (NKRO).

We also find a rather pleasant RGB lighting even if we will regret not being able to customize it in depth with for example a touch by touch lighting. However, Spirit of Gamer offers 9 modes to adjust the effects, brightness, and speed of the backlight, as well as 10 “Player Arena” modes to illuminate only a combination of keys that are useful in-game. However, there are two customizable modes, but they offer very few features (it is only possible to choose which keys to illuminate or not) and do not allow the choice of backlight colors.

Spirit Of Gamer Xpert-K500: Clubic’s Opinion

For only 49 €, the Spirit of Gamer Xpert-K500 proves to be a very good choice as long as you don’t necessarily want to take advantage of extreme personalization. Reactive (but a little noisy) thanks to its Victory 500 Brown switches that require only 60 grams of pressure over an operating distance of 2 mm, the Xpert-K500 is a very good entry-level for a mechanical keyboard and will meet the needs of not too demanding players.

8Cooler Master Ck-550best gaming keyboard

Known by all to be the king of cooling, Cooler Master has also been offering for some years now to warm up the game keyboards!

With its CK-550 mechanical keyboard, the Taiwanese manufacturer strikes hard: performance, finishes, durability, and customization are all at a price that can clearly be described as “moderate”.

Cooler Master CK-550: An Attractive Entry-Level Product

No unnecessary frills here, Cooler Master offers us a sober and elegant gaming keyboard with beautiful brushed aluminum finishes. To make the bill a little less expensive, the CK-550 features Gateron Red linear switches, similar in every way to the Cherry MX Red – 45 g actuating force, 2 mm activation distance, guaranteed for 50 million keystrokes – and just as comfortable to use.

While Cooler Master has also omitted the wrist rest, as well as the dedicated multimedia keys, we can still count on arguments that will certainly tend to tip the balance when choosing a gaming keyboard. This includes anti-ghosting with N-key Rollover (NKRO), as well as RGB backlighting at the touch of a button that can be easily customized with the excellent Cooler Master Portal software.

Finally, if it does not have dedicated macro and multimedia keys, it still allows you to configure keys (and lighting) on the fly by simply pressing the Fn key. An obvious time saving and disconcerting ease of use since it is not even necessary to use the Portal software to configure macros and other lighting effects.

Cooler Master CK-550: Clubic’s Opinion

The Cooler Master CK-550 is positioned as an entry-level product in the mechanical keyboard market but has serious arguments to win and delight those who do not intend to break their piggy bank.

Indeed, despite its price of 69€, it impresses by its good performance, the reactivity and quality of its switches, as well as its exemplary finishes. For the price, it’s few defects remain in the retail sector, as is the case with the absence of a wrist rest, an easily available accessory. Note that this keyboard also exists in a compact version, without a numeric keypad, it is the CK-530.

7Cooler Master SK621best gaming keyboard in 2019

With its SK621, Cooler Master offers us here a remarkably compact gamer keyboard. With Cherry MX Low Profile Red switches, a generous battery, and a wired and Bluetooth connectivity mode, the SK621 has many advantages to stand out from the crowd.

Cooler Master SK621: mini keyboard, maxi-efficiency

With its remarkable compactness (29.3 x 10.3 x 10.3 x 2.9 cm / 424 g), the SK621 has only 64 keys, among which there is no number pad.

Its small size makes it perfect for nomadic players who take their keyboard with them (especially since a carrying case is provided) but also for those who do not want to clutter their desk with a standard size model. Finally, it should be noted that a keyboard in this format allows you to adopt a much more natural posture when playing compared to a standard size keyboard, with a reduced distance between the two arms, which is also true with the TKL model (SK630) of this new range of keyboards from Cooler Master.

Of course, compactness is not its only advantage, the SK621 combines everything (or almost everything) you want to see on a gamer keyboard: full anti-ghosting, wired and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, autonomy between 20 and 1000 hours (depending on the use of RGB), successful backlighting, etc. The quality and performance of the switches are also there, as the manufacturer has called on Cherry here to offer MX Low Profile Reds that are sure to seduce. Relatively silent (no sound clicks), these switches are ultra-reactive with an operating distance of 1.2 mm for a total stroke of 3.2 mm. Only the lack of relief of the keycaps may eventually hinder some users who are used to using profiled keys.

Finally, if the SK621 has only 64 keys, it does not forget to offer a multitude of functionalities, starting with the management of macro commands which can be programmed both without or with the in-house CM Portal software. It should also be noted that most keys allow multiple functions, up to four functions on some keys! While this may be a little confusing at first, this keyboard proves to be fully functional after a few days of use. To find out more, do not hesitate to consult our complete test of the Cooler Master SK621.

Cooler Master SK621: Clubic’s Opinion

Like the Logitech G915 and G815, the Cooler Master SK621 shines with its performance, high-end character, ultra-fine design, and multiple features.

While some criteria have been put away for more compactness, such as dedicated macro and multimedia keys, the SK621 has the advantage of being a mobile keyboard, but above all of being offered for a much lower price (129 €) than the latest Logitech G models.

Available in three variants with the SK630 in TKL format, the SK650 in a standard format, and the SK621 we have just presented, this Cooler Master series is easily placed in our comparison of the best keyboards, but also as one of the best quality/price ratios of the moment!

6Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimobest gaming keyboard in 2019

As we have seen in our comparison for gamer mice, Roccat is positioned both at the entry-level and at the top of the range with high-performance products with a sophisticated design.

Once again, the German manufacturer is keeping all its promises and offers here its own “Titan” switch with this magnificent Vulcan 120 AIMO. According to Roccat, this in-house switch would be 20% faster than those of the competition.

Roccat Vulcan 120 AIMO: A Gaming Keyboard With An Assumed Design

With a price that is in the high average of mechanical gamer keyboards (159 €), Roccat had to offer us an irreproachable Vulcan 120 AIMO, it has to be said that the manufacturer has largely succeeded in its bet. It should also be noted that those who want to make some savings can be satisfied with versions 100 (without wrist rest), or version 80 which does not use RGB backlighting.

With its slim design and RGB switches left visible thanks to its low-profile keys less than half a centimeter thick, the Vulcan 120 is very elegant, a quality that is even more prominent thanks to the aesthetics of the brushed aluminum frame, its frameless design, as well as its magnetic wrist rest, without fasteners.

Concerning the functionalities, we find many things that strongly mark today the identity of a purely gamer keyboard, as is the case with the fully customizable RGB backlight, multimedia keys including a wheel, but also the EasyShift[+] option which allows to assign a secondary function to any key, which should satisfy those for whom the macro keys configurable via the Swarm software are not enough. Finally, the keyboard includes a memory that allows you to save your preferences and other macros.

In addition to the assumed aestheticism of this keyboard, which may or may not be appealing, the innovation here is mainly focused on the Titan home switch. Developed with TTC, this touch switch is indeed ultra-reactive, even if it is difficult to say if the argument “20% faster than its competitors” put forward by the manufacturer is real.

Roccat announces keys that are 50% lighter than on a standard keyboard, but above all, an activation point at 1.8 mm for a total travel distance of 3.6 mm, which is better than most Cherry switches (but not the Cherry MX Speed with its activation distance of 1.2 mm).

Roccat Vulcan 120 AIMO: Clubic’s Opinion

With this keyboard, Roccat sets new standards by concentrating its know-how in a product with an assumed gaming design. The quality of its materials and finishes are simply excellent and suggest that this keyboard will surely be an example of longevity.

To complete the whole thing, the Swarm software offers a high degree of customization of the whole system while remaining very easy to use. While the price of 159 € can cool some of them down, Roccat offers two models that are slightly less expensive and do not include some features (this is especially true for the Vulcan 80), but which have the same level of finishing.

5Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2: The Choice Of The Editorial Staffbest gaming keyboard 2019

In the high-end of mechanical keyboards, Corsair is now a serious contender, especially with its K95 RGB Platinum which flirts under the 200 € mark. If the latter largely meets the criteria for inclusion in our selection, we have preferred a relatively quiet, robust and responsive model, the Strafe RGB in its MK.2 version.

Offered with Cherry MX Red or MX Silent switches, this high-flying keyboard has undergone some welcome changes since its first version. Today it represents what can be described as the “ultimate” gaming keyboard, which also translates into a rather spicy price: 169 € in its “Silent” version.

Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2: The “Silent” Meca Keyboard

Corsair’s Strafe MK.2 has only a few defects, so let’s start by listing them here. Due to its heavyweight, Corsair may have found that wider non-slip skids were not necessary for its Strafe RGB MK.2. There are 4 under the keyboard and 3 under the wrist rest, and they are far too small when using the device on a slippery surface such as a satin finish desk. Of course, the problem is absent if you use an XXL mouse pad, such as Corsair’s MM350, or a desk with a slightly more “rougher” surface.

This is about the only real flaw in this keyboard, although if we went a little further, we would have liked a more practical system for the removable wrist rest, as well as a brushed aluminum finish rather than plastic, like the K95 RGB Platinum.

Otherwise, regarding performance, as well as functionality, Corsair signs a flawless contract. Full anti-ghosting, USB cable gateway port, 8 MB on-board memory, multimedia controls, complete bundle with profiled MOBA and FPS replacement keys, customizable RGB lighting per key, iCUE software to manage many options and configure macros: everything is there and Corsair has made sure here that the high price of his keyboard is justified.

Nevertheless, it is the version equipped with MX Silent switches that set this keyboard apart from its competitors: responsive, precise and efficient, they are much quieter than conventional switches, around 30% according to the manufacturer. In use, the difference is obvious after the first few seconds, except for the space key and the return key, all 103 other keys allow you to play without making too much noise, even if the adjective “silent” remains exaggerated

Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2: The Choice Of The Editorial Staff

We are dealing here with the best that is currently available on the gaming keyboard market and it was a real surprise for us to play on a high-performance and responsive keyboard while significantly reducing the volume during our sessions.

Although perhaps too reactive for word processing, its discreet character also makes it interesting for office use, which is not always the case with gaming keyboards. Without a doubt a keyboard that has a bright future ahead of it!

4Logitech G915 Lightspeedbest gaming keyboard 2019

Until now absent from our comparison, Logitech G has hit hard in recent months by unveiling high-end headsets, mice and gaming keyboards. Available in two variants, the G915 Lightspeed (wireless) and the G815 LightSync (wired), these keyboards make a stunning entry into our comparison; however, you will have to be ready to put your hand to the pocket!

Logitech G915: Ultra-Flat And High Performance

If the price of a keyboard like the Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2 has cooled you down, you might as well know that the Logitech G915 may make your ears whistle. Positioned with a price of 249 € (and 199 € for the wired version), the Swiss manufacturer has tried here to develop the “Rolls Royce” of gaming keyboards!

To begin with, these two models are very similar, except that the G915 has dual connectivity with Logitech’s Lightspeed technology as well as a “multi-host” Bluetooth mode, while the G815 is a “simple” wired model.

We find a keyboard of standard size, no TKL version here; the length of the keyboard is even a little longer because of the presence of 5 dedicated macro keys. Despite this standard size, the G915 looks small on our desk, and for good reason, its chassis made of an alloy of brushed aluminum and magnesium is incredibly thin (no more than a small centimeter)! In addition to this slimness, new GL switches developed by Logitech in partnership with Kailh, ultra-thin and reactive, bring the total thickness of this keyboard to 2.2 cm!

Like Cherry and its MX switches, Logitech offers a choice of several switch variants: linear /touch/sound. If the linear GL seems to us contraindicated for gaming use (no relief when passing through the activation point), the tactile and sound GLs provide superb sensations in-game. A short adaptation time is necessary when you are used to standard size switches, but Logitech’s ultra-flat switches do their job very well and are pleasant to handle! To top it all off, they offer increased responsiveness compared to most switches on the market, except for the MX LP Red, which can be found on the excellent Cooler Master SK621 or the MX Speed Silver. Their activation point is located at a distance of 1.5 mm, for a total stroke of 2.7 mm. Despite their low profile character, there is no need to worry about having the feeling of a too-short touch stroke, as is the case on many laptop keyboards.

Finally, it should be noted that the G915 has dedicated multimedia and macro keys, 10-key anti-ghosting and works with the LightSync ecosystem and G Hub software. Regarding battery life, it will take you 30 hours before you have to recharge this keyboard if you ever fully use its RGB lighting. Logitech announces that battery life can be extended to 1,200 hours when backlighting and various effects are not used! You can learn even more by consulting our complete test of the Logitech G915 Lightspeed.

Logitech G915: Clubic’s Opinion

Logitech offers a very high-flying keyboard here, both in terms of assembly quality and ultra-fine design or in terms of the functionalities it offers. Equipped with the latest ultra-flat and responsive GL switches, record battery life, dedicated macro and multimedia keys, or dual connectivity, the G915 is sure to appeal to most gamers looking for perfection.

Some weak points are to be noted: the special characters are not very visible in the dark since they are painted in a more or less opaque way and not laser engraved like the other characters, and we believe that there is a missing wrist rest that would not have been too much, especially when you see the price displayed when you go to the till!

The Best Membrane Gamer Keyboards

3MSI Vigor Gk40gaming keyboard in 2019

The best membrane keyboard with mechanical touch sensations is what MSI offers us here with its Vigor GK40, all at a low price. a membrane gamer keyboard from MSI that promises a feeling of mechanical touch, without paying more than 60 €? And why not!

MSI Vigor GK40: The Membrane Keyboard With Mechanical Sensations

At first glance, MSI’s Vigor GK40 keyboard seems a little aggressive, and for good reason: with its sleek design, “Mystic Light” backlighting and high keys, we are dealing here with a resolutely gaming keyboard.

This is precisely the strong point of this Vigor GK40, we feel here that MSI has tried to bring together the best in the world of mechanical keyboards to seduce players. Its membrane keys are very comfortable, they reproduce the feeling of striking that we find on mechanical keyboards and makes us enjoy surprising audible feedback, which may or may not please us. This brings back the typing speed of a membrane keyboard with the pleasant feeling of a meca keyboard, an advantage that makes this keyboard usable both in-game and in office automation.

MSI has of course not forgotten all the features that make the strength of gamer keyboards, RGB backlighting on 6 zones with multiple effects (no customization touch by touch here), anti-ghosting, Windows key deactivation and its wide and comfortable wrist rest completes a keyboard that enjoys good finishes despite its 100% plastic design can raise some questions about the durability of the product.

The black spot, there has to be one, is undoubtedly the Mystic Light software, which allows you to manage lighting and other parameters. Far from being optimized, its graphical interface is far from what is done elsewhere. Not intuitive, we would much prefer to play with the lighting via the predefined keys on the keyboard.

Our Opinion On The MSI Vigor GK40

Offered at a price not exceeding 60 €, the Vigor GK40 is a very good compromise if you want a fast keyboard with a mechanical feel, comfortable both in-game and in office automation, and which has strong gaming arguments. A little extra compared to mechanical keyboards: the Vigor GK40 is waterproof, at least against splashes, don’t take your shower with it!

2Hyper X Alloy Core RGBgaming keyboard

After some great successes, notably with its Alloy Elite mechanical keyboard, HyperX now intends to offer a low-cost compromise for players who want to enjoy a quality of exemplary finishes from the brand and performance that is similar to much more expensive models.

The Alloy Core RGB is the manufacturer’s first membrane keyboard. Sold for around 60 €, HyperX manages here to achieve a masterstroke for the first time that does not lack arguments to seduce us.

Alloy Core RGB: The 1st Membrane Keyboard From Hyperx

The brand’s signature on this keyboard can be seen at first glance thanks to its colored horizontal bar on the upper part, a similarity that recalls the manufacturer’s top-of-the-range models. However, unlike the latter, the Alloy Core RGB does not use aluminum, which usually covers these keyboards, to choose a design entirely made of plastic, which nevertheless has the advantage of reducing the cost of the product, but also its weight.

No mechanical switches here, HyperX has chosen to opt for rubber dome membrane switches that are very pleasant to hit and quiet. While responsiveness and feedback are significantly different from a mechanical keyboard, the keys of this Alloy Core RGB offer a slight bounce that has the advantage of avoiding sensitivity problems due to almost non-existent keystroke feedback on many membrane keyboards.

On the functional side, we are entitled to elegant and customizable RGB lighting on 5 zones, but also several multimedia keys, a gaming mode that allows you to disable the Windows keys or even an integral anti-ghosting.

However, we will regret the absence of a wrist rest, an accessory that is missing since the Alloy Core RGB has high keys and a chassis that is not the finest. Finally, there is no compatibility with the HyperX NGenuity in-house software here, which necessarily limits the possibilities of customization.

Our Opinion On The Hyper X Alloy Core RGB

For its first membrane keyboard, HyperX was able to put the small dishes in the big ones to offer us an elegant and carefully designed product, like its top-of-the-range models.

The membranes of the Alloy Core RGB react perfectly in-game, however, demanding players will certainly prefer to turn to a mechanical keyboard with which the performance gain is ensured provided that they forget about the silent typing.

1Razer Cynosa Chromabest gaming keyboard

Among membrane gamer keyboards, the Razer Cynosa Chroma remains, more than a year after its release, one of the best models on the market considering its quality/price ratio.

Thanks to its significantly reduced noise pollution compared to mechanical keyboards, its pleasant typing sensation and a perfectly suitable reactivity, the Razer Cynosa Chroma manages to stand out from its few competitors who dare to produce membrane keyboards for gaming.

Razer Cynosa Chroma: Absolute Silence (Or Almost)

For its Cynosa Chroma, Razer has decided to use membrane keys with rubber domes, membranes that are therefore rather standard compared to the hybrid “meca-membrane” switches of its older brother, the Razer Ornata Chroma.

Although it does not benefit from this hybrid technology, the Cynosa Chroma remains a very good keyboard that knows how to perform in-game but above all very quiet. Indeed, where the Ornata Chroma is equipped with a very noisy metal device that reproduces the sound click and feel of a mechanical keyboard, the Cynosa Chroma shines with its silence, while remaining very comfortable and enjoying a reactivity that is certainly less lively than that of a meca keyboard, but quite reasonable for many players.

Of course, the Cynosa Chroma has other arguments than its silent character, starting with its aesthetics and impeccable finishes. In terms of functionalities, there will be anti-ghosting on 10 simultaneous keys, which should be more than enough for anyone with no more than ten fingers and two hands.

Synapse 3 software brings real added value to this keyboard. Well thought out, it allows a rather advanced personalization as in the example of the backlight that can be configured touch by touch, or even the recording of macros.

However, if the price remains low enough, it will be necessary to avoid accessories that would have deserved to be present with this keyboard, a wrist rest for example!

Finally, the silkscreen printing of numbers and special characters is quite strange, they are indeed inverted and have a similar font size, which is also the case on the number pad. A choice that breaks with our habits and will undoubtedly lead to typing errors when entering numbers or special characters.

Our Opinion On The Razer Cynosa Chroma

The Razer Cynosa Chroma is the ideal keyboard for those who seek to maintain a calm and peaceful environment when playing in front of their PC. Noise pollution is reduced to a minimum, without clearly overlooking the responsiveness of the key. However, playing on a membrane keyboard like this one takes some time to adapt, especially when you come from the “mechanical world”.

We, therefore, invite you to tell us about your favorite models in comments, listing, if you wish, their advantages and disadvantages. Same if you prefer gaming pads, don’t hesitate to let us know your choice and tell us why you prefer them to gaming keyboards!

Our Product Selection Process

We carry out each comparison with the same care and methodology. We spend 4 to 5 hours analyzing the characteristics and opinions of the products available in France. As a result, we have a list of about fifteen products and we are testing them all. The best products with an asset to promote are presented in this comparison.


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